The Big Show shows off his giant abs one last time before WrestleMania


The Big Show is preparing for his final WrestleMania, which means he's getting ready for one of the biggest matches of his career.

He's one of the many WWE Superstars that will be featured in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and he'll undoubtedly be the biggest man in the ring when the chaos gets underway.

The Big Show won the event at WrestleMania 31, and he's in the best shape of his career as he looks to repeat in Orlando on Sunday. He took to Instagram to remind everyone that not only is he The Big Show, he's got some giant abs to go with it nowadays. 

It's an amazing transformation for a man who's been infamous for his massive size. While there's never been a question about his strength, there's definitely been reason to wonder whether his weight was a legitimate health concern.

Those concerns should be gone now as he's gotten into phenomenal shape. Here's the first update on his physical fitness journey in six weeks, showing even more progress since we last saw the work he's been putting in:

The Big Show used his turnaround as a way to taunt Shaquille O'Neal, trying to push the NBA Hall of Famer into a WrestleMania showdown. The plans never came to fruition, but it hasn't stopped The Big Show from continuing on a path that's given him serious results.

At 45 years old, he doesn't plan on sticking around the active wrestling roster much longer. He's hinted that his full retirement is coming within the next year, and confirmed WrestleMania 33 is his last dance on The Grandest Stage of Them All. 

He's clearly in the best shape of his career, and if you can manage to pull yourself away from the fact that The Big Show — THE BIG SHOW! — has a six pack, he's looking jacked overall. His arms are toned down and muscular as they've ever been, and he looks great. 

That's bad news for the bevy of opponents who are entering the Memorial Battle Royal. Eliminating The Big Show has proven to be challenging, and now he's carved a muscular physique heading into his final WrestleMania.

It may take every man turning their attention to The Big Show to eliminate him from his final WrestleMania moment, and good luck with that. He defied numbers at WrestleMania 31 and should be even more prepared to do it again. 

What's your favorite Big Show moment, now that we know his career is winding down? Let us know in the comments!

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