Warriors doctors initially told Kevin Durant he had a broken leg and he broke down into tears

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Kevin Durant is ramping up basketball activities after suffering a bone bruise and MCL sprain to his knee.

It's been a few weeks since the injury occurred against the Washington Wizards, and all updates from the Golden State Warriors have been positive. Durant's on track to return before the playoffs, giving him time to get some of his rhythm back. 

That quick recovery wasn't always the outlook, though. Durant joined the Bill Simmons Podcast and explained the process he went through when the injury first occurred. KD discusses the initial diagnosis his injury and shares a stunning revelation.

“The first diagnosis we got was that I broke my leg, fractured my tibia.” Durant said.

“And that’s a four or five month recovery. That’s what he told me: 4-5 months. I just bust out crying. I’m like, 'not again…' This is my first year with the team, we’re playing very well at the time. I was playing well individually. It was definitely a good time for our team."

Durant should get a free pass for getting emotional over the injury. He suffered a broken foot in 2014 that cost him his season, and being out through not only the end of his first season with Golden State, but the playoffs, would have been painful.

His decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder was around the premise that he'd be a key piece of a run at becoming a dynasty in the NBA. Ending the year due to injury would only make what was a very personal decision sting a bit more in hindsight.

Luckily that wasn't the case, and Durant should be ready to help Stephen Curry and the Warriors make a run at a second NBA championship come playoff time.

“We checked the scans again, we got a CT scan to see the condition the bone was in and they told me it was just a bruise there and I sprained my MCL, And that reaction in the car was like second to none. That emotional roller coaster was something out of a movie," Durant said.

These sorts of mishaps are why teams typically don't make any immediate announcements, waiting to run through several tests before releasing an official statement and diagnosis. Considering how bad Durant's injury looked at the time, this is an absolutely savage story.

We're guessing the next time the Warriors' staff has to examine a leg injury they'll measure twice before cutting directly to the worst news possible. 

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