Top NFL prospect Myles Garrett bench pressed an ESPN analyst like it was nothing

NFL Combine - Day 5

As the 2017 NFL draft draws closer, there's a good chance you're going to hear a whole lot of hype about a whole lot of players. Whether it's the debate of who the first quarterback off the board will be, or whether or not Myles Garrett deserves to be the number one pick. Well, Garrett is making sure it's known that he can do a little bit of everything.

Part of that everything? Well, that includes being incredibly strong and proving that he can dominate on the bench press. While he already did that during the build up to the draft, he's now showing off the fact that he can bench more than just a whole lot of weight.

Now Garrett has moved from weights to bench pressing actual people. Best of all? He's making it look way, way too easy, as you can see on ESPN's Ashok Moore's official Twitter, as Garrett easily benches NFL analyst and fantasy football guru Field Yates.

While the Cleveland Browns, who currently hold that No. 1 pick in the draft probably don't care very much about Garrett doing this and making it look like nothing, it's still awesome.

This guy literally just bench pressed a full-grown person and showed little-to-no struggle while doing so. His only issue was actually getting a grip on Yates, and once he did that, it was basically just a walk in the park.

Texas A&M v Auburn

It's hard to say that a visit to ESPN can result in something much cooler happening than this, and who knows, maybe it did help out his already ridiculous draft stock. Either way, Garrett is more than deserving of being the top pick in the draft, and I'm not saying that just because of how amazing that video above was.

Instead, he's deserving because during his three seasons with the Texas A&M Aggies he totaled 47 tackles for loss and 31 sacks. If you pass on that, you better be getting something that's going to turn into serious gold with your draft pick.

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