Nick Young thanked Lakers fans in the most Swaggy P way ever

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of moving forward with their young core of players. Which means that the focus will likely be on names such as D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson and whoever they are able to draft in just a few months (assuming they keep the pick).

So for the veterans on the Lakers, at least the ones who don't have monster contracts currently, it may mean that they'll be on their way to another team. One of those players who seems all but destined to be playing elsewhere in 2017-18 is guard Nick Young, who was able to turn his career back around this past season with the Lake Show.

After averaging just 7.3 points per game in 19.1 minutes in 2015-16, Young saw his average jump up to 13.2 points and 25.9 minutes per game. He had some big moments and overall, became a bit of a fan favorite in the process. The man who goes by Swaggy P is going to be missed in Laker land, and he decided to take a minute to let the fans know how much they mean to him on the team's official Twitter.

“I want to thank ya’ll for being there alllll season long for me, and for supporting the whole Laker family and my teammates, and just sticking with us. I muchly, muchly, muchly appreciate it and love ya’ll because ya’ll stay with Swaggy P.

“Keep Swaggy P in your hearts and you’ll go places (laughs).”

There's probably no more perfect way for Swaggy P to ride off into the sunset if he is indeed leaving the Lakers. Simply stating that keeping him "in your hearts" will help you "go places" just shows his outgoing and likable personality.

So, to Young, you'll be missed by the Lakers fans, but wherever you land, and it'll probably be with a contender who needs some solid dance moves and the ability to hit an outside jump, everyone will certainly be wishing you the best as well.

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