Klay Thompson's amazing moments in China sees fans create new hashtag in his honour

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade And Rally

It must be one of the best feelings in the world to win an NBA championship and Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is certainly loving every minute of it.

The shooting guard is currently in China on a promotional trip for his shoe sponsor Anta - with whom he just signed a 10-year, $80 million extension - and he's having the time of his life.

Thanks to social media, we've seen numerous clips of Thompson letting his hair down in ways we've not been accustomed to seeing from him.

His time overseas started on a bad note, however, as he was filmed failing to throw down a 360 windwill dunk in epic fashion.

Since that moment, though, we've seen a new Klay and the internet loves him. Just days after the failed dunk, a clip did the rounds of the two-time champion letting loose and dancing to EDM music in a club as if he was alone in his bedroom and nobody was watching.

Even Portland Trail Blazers star C.J. McCollum had a comment for his dancing.

Despite Twitter being banned in China, this video and many others have made their way onto social media and it's seen a new hashtag created in honour of the Splash Brother; #ChinaKlay.

The hashtag was trending in Oakland yesterday and multiple vidoes and pictures of the 27-year-old were surfacing across social media throughout the day.

Here are two photos he posted on Instagram where he's on a rooftop smoking a cigar and then throwing up a loose sign on a boat.

He then showered people in champagne, reminiscent of the Warriors' championship-winning celebrations in their locker room after the finals.

Here he is riding a bike through the streets of China and looking extremely excited about it.

But if there's one thing Klay has done a lot of during his stay in China, it's dancing. Who can blame him after just winning a second ring in dominant fashion.

#ChinaKlay caught on very quickly and fans are loving this new version of the Dubs star and are calling for him to bring his 'alter ego' to the States.

The Chinese shoe company Anta may not be a household name but the All-Star guard is doing a good job of making the brand relevant with his popular antics in Asia.

In his words he wants to be "the Michael Jordan of Anta one day" and he explained that being a big star in China was something that appealed to him and that he wanted to be global instead of opting for a shoe deal in a saturated market in America.

The three-time All-Star is definitely doing a good job of increasing his stock in that part of the world. Long live #ChinaKlay.

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