Nike and the NBA are re-imagining how uniforms work together


Nike is taking over as the exclusive on-court brand of the NBA, a partnership made to help grow the game of basketball globally even further.

The deal was made back in 2015 and the NBA is finally on the brink of getting a major makeover from Nike this upcoming season. Nike gave the first glimpse of what's to come, and they're completely re-imagining uniforms for every franchise. 

The NBA is also taking a fresh approach to how jerseys function, working with Nike to create what amounts to a complete re-imagining of basketball uniforms. The league is going to look very different next year as the biggest brand in sports apparel takes over. 

Nike is releasing information and images at a steady pace, letting the world take in the new direction little by little. The NBA and Nike are doing away with traditional "home" and "away" jerseys, while also consolidating the seemingly endless different looks teams wear every year.

Every team will now have four different jerseys to choose from, with eight teams also having a throwback option that will be revealed in fall. The "association edition" is described similarly to a traditional home jersey. The "icon edition" sounds like what the usual "road" jersey was for teams. 

The next two uniforms they plan to introduce to teams are a bit more mysterious until they get their full reveal in the coming months. "Athlete's mentality" is the third jersey edition, with a fourth being inspired by the local community of the franchise. 

So what's changing aside from two new unique designs and a refresher on the home and away looks? Each team will now select one of their four designated jerseys as their official home jersey for the season. Outside of that, jerseys will be free to be used however teams like.

The visiting team can now select from any of its four jerseys - five if there's a throwback option - on any given night. As long as it's a contrasting color, it's good to go. This should open up the gate for a good rotation of jerseys throughout the season. 

The first jersey we have a first look at is the Warriors' "association" jersey, which, when put side-by-side with the Adidas authentic jersey, looks like a step forward in design from Nike:


It's clear Nike isn't planning on just slapping swoosh logos on old NBA uniforms. Sprucing up old designs appears to be just one of the many ways the league is trying to re-brandy, and there's potential for this to be an awesome and refreshing take on how the league looks game-by-game. 

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