Boris Becker to sell off his most valuable memorabilia in bid to raise cash

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Former tennis great Boris Becker's financial struggles have been well documented. It is widely known that the former Wimbledon champion has been riddled with debt for quite some time now and has been struggling to find a way out of it.

Becker, once worth an estimated £30 million, was declared bankrupt three months ago over money owed to a bank. 

But German magazines Stern and Bunte are claiming the declaration of bankruptcy is only the start as Becker looks set to have his home's and personal property repossessed amid reports that he has racked up a staggering £54 million in debt.

Lawyers for Becker pleaded with the court for one last chance to pay off the debt, whatever the actual figure maybe, but that request was denied by Christine Derrett, the judge presiding over the case.

Derrett said it was "with regret" that she concluded there was a lack of credible evidence that the "substantial debt" would be paid soon.

Speaking on Boris, Derrett concluded: "One has the impression of a man with his head in the sand."

Now, the German is resorting to desperate measures to try and haul himself out of the red with reports that he is set to sell his precious Wimbledon trophies in a bid to raise some cash. Becker won three titles at SW19 during his prime in the 1980's, winning his first title at just 17 years of age.

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How far the German superstar has fallen since those glories days. Becker has worked as a pundit, commentator, and coach since his retirement, forming a strong partnership with Novak Djokovic at on point. However, that has simply not been enough and Becker has only sunk deeper and deeper into the mire.

It is claimed that auction house Wyles Hardy & Co. will value Becker's three Wimbledon trophies as well as other memorabilia set to be auctioned off.

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