Bernard Tomic fires a shot at tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt after Davis Cup claim


He may have just returned from a very short stint on the Australian version of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here', but Bernard Tomic is already verbally attacking people upon his exit.

The latest person to feel his wrath is Aussie tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt, who has stated that Tomic is unlikely to play for his country in the Davis Cup again under his captaincy.

Hewitt, a two-time Grand Slam winner in his pomp in the early 2000's, currently leads Australia's David Cup team, but Tomic has hit back at Hewitt's claims in typical Tomic style, stating: "I don't care what Lleyton said, I never lost to him."

Tomic entered the jungle-based TV show on January 27, but exited just three days later, stating that he didn't have the right mental frame of mind to compete in the competition.

Tomic's attitude has been questioned throughout his career, and has sometimes suffered from a lack of focus on his game.

He was quizzed on whether or not he entered the jungle depressed, but Tomic was adamant that was not the case, as he told Aussie TV show 'The Project': "No, no, no. I wasn't like that.

"I got to top 16, 17 in the world, in one of the biggest sports in the world. You can't get to where I got to if you're not mentally strong.

"I think the important thing (is) there's a reason why I played Davis Cup at the youngest age for Australia in history.

"I stand by my call. They know they can't win without me and I know they can't win without me."


The controversial corruption claims from Tomic about Tennis Australia in the past has led to friction between him and the organisation. And the 25-year old is not backing down from those allegations as he continues the rift with the countries official Tennis body.

"Yeah, I'm not happy with that whole sort of situation there with Tennis Australia until that sort of clears and until a few of the problems come out," he said.

"We've seen it with the FIFA Federation and stuff how they were corrupt – and I know it's in there and I am yet to address all the issues there, but maybe in the coming future I can speak about it.

"So hopefully they can address for my sake, for their sake and I would love nothing but coming back to playing Davis Cup but that stuff needs to be addressed in the next couple of years."

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