Mike Jackson finally issues his statement after controversial UFC win over CM Punk


On Saturday night, CM Punk stepped back into the Octagon for his second UFC fight. 

Following his grueling court case against WWE that reached a verdict last week, it was unclear what frame of mind Punk would have been in at the weekend.

His opponent on the night was Mike Jackson, a fellow welterweight who only had one other fight in UFC before meeting Punk.

Both men lost their debuts against the same man in the same fashion - being defeated by Mickey Gall by submission. 


Therefore, their bout at UFC 225 was expected to be a little more even, but Jackson was made the favourite.  

And he lived up to the hype - beating Punk by decision after three rounds - taking his own record to 1-1 and leaving Punk at 0-2.

In reality, "Truth" could have finished the fight much earlier. In fact, at times it looked like he was just toying with his opponent - as Punk looked out of his depth. 


Following the result, both fighters gained a fair amount of attention - albeit most was directed towards Punk.

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He was praised for showing so much heart and lasting three rounds by many including UFC president Dana White - who did also suggest that "it should be a wrap" on his MMA career. 

White also blasted Jackson for his actions and cocky attitude during the fight, even suggesting that as far as he's concerned, Truth is also 0-2. Ouch. 


It didn't take long for Punk to share his reaction on social media - as he tweeted a message to say thanks to his friends and family - as well as sharing his respect for Jackson. 


He also claimed to be 1-1 this week, following the win in his trial with WWE, so he's clearly not too devastated by the loss. 

It took Jackson a little longer to respond, but he finally issued a statement via Instagram on Sunday night. 


He began by thanking Punk for the opportunity to fight - claiming he has nothing but respect for his opponent - and saying that his "heart could fill the United Centre".

He also defended how he fought, saying that he tried to "finish the fight in the 1st", but admitted that Punk just kept coming. Jackson claimed that he decided to play it safe, rather than risk losing. 

He finished off the statement by likening himself to a wrestling "heel", suggesting that he played the role well, but didn't make any clear hints about his MMA future. 


At this point, it's unclear if Jackson or Punk will ever compete in the UFC again, considering Punk was well beaten in both his fights, while White was clearly upset with Jackson's actions.    

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