Enes Kanter believes the Warriors have "ruined the league"

Enes Kanter has openly admitted he's not a fan of the Warriors

Enes Kanter is not a fan of the Golden State Warriors and has openly admitted it on multiple occasions. 

The big man has had several back and forths with his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant after the superstar's decision to join the Bay Area franchise. 

The duo have exchanged words on the court and off it on social media and it has seen Kanter develop a dislike for the Warriors as a result.

He's not one to keep his feelings to himself and has once again made a blunt statement about the back-to-back champions. 

Ruining the NBA

The New York Knicks center believes they have altered the entire landscape of the NBA and not in a good way. 

In an interview with ESPN's Royce Young, he made it clear that he has no problems with the Warriors organisation and their dealings but he believes they have ruined the league.

Kanter has openly criticised the Warriors on multiple occasions

“I’ve got no problem,” said Kanter. “They didn’t do anything illegal. You look back in the day with what happened with Chris Paul, the league didn’t let him go to the Lakers.

“Now, I feel like they’ve kind of ruined the league a little bit because most people say, ‘Oh, Golden State is going to win anyway, so I’m not going to watch the games anymore.

"But the ratings are pretty good, though. Still, the fans are wondering what’s going on.”

The Turk makes a valid point as there was an uproar when the Dubs signed DeMarcus Cousins as a free agent this summer. 

They'll now be able to roll out a lineup of five All-Stars and All-NBA players and fans around the league are already writing off the 2018-19 season.

But as Kanter says, Golden State did everything by the book and have formed their team based on shrewd management.

Competing with the champs will be extremely difficult but the rest of the NBA is attempting to try and dethrone them as best as they can. 

The Rockets were one win away from eliminating the Warriors

The Houston Rockets came within one win of beating them in the Western Conference Finals but an injury to Chris Paul ruined their chances. 

They showed that it's possible to go toe to toe with the juggernaut from Oakland so we'll hopefully see a more competitive campaign than many people expect. 

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