Bubba Watson talks about Tiger Woods' win on Sunday


Bubba Watson has made headlines after is rather 'unusual appearance' at the Ryder Cup USA Team press conference.

Many took to Twitter to describe what appeared to be the American wearing a blue golf glove during his spot in Wednesday's conference.

This was soon explained and turns out it was part of an inside joke with his team.

That's because according to Bubba, at team events all the American players have been challenging one another to do something for the amusement of the group.

This eventually led to Bubba saying he would wear his blue golf glove at his next interview, which happened to be the press conference.

"I said I've got to wear my glove the whole interviews. So I'm doing it," Bubba explained.

“Golf gets boring after awhile. It’s a long year, we’re all tired.… Just being dumb with the team. It’s like there's a certain guy, I’m not going to say who, had to say certain words in their interviews. Who knows if they said them.”

Watson on Tiger Woods' tour win

Woods completed what was an amazing comeback to win the season-ending Tour Championship by a tight two shots on Sunday, and secured his first win in five years and many have voiced their thoughts on the American's performance.


During his interview at the USA Team press conference, Watson was asked how he felt when Tiger Woods put on a display of emotions during his tour championship victory on Sunday.

Watson said: "It was amazing to see, he's worked hard."

Watson went on to explain how he felt Woods was a 'legend' and how even when he wasn't playing "we [USA team] still talked about him".

This was then followed by Watson explaining how if he [Woods] didn't show a display of emotions, he would have text him.

"I would have definitely texted him. I only get his number during team events. He blocks me during the regular part of the season because I send dumb texts.

"It's always nice leading up to the event knowing that I'm on the team so I can get his number"

The reaction from those at the press conference can only assume that this was more than likely a joke, as the two-time Masters Tournament winner went on to explain how he really felt about the moment Woods won the tour.

"But to see that emotion, it shows how passionate he is about golf and how much golf means to him.

"But even if he didn't win, it's been an amazing year and to top it off you couldn't write a better story you couldn't make a movie out of that."

Watson added: "It was quite remarkable to see that and I was glad to see the emotion because it just showed the human side of him [Woods] and how much the game means to him."

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