Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury press conference ends in pushing match


It's no secret that Tyson Fury has been wanting to fight Deontay Wilder for a long time, and the fans have been wanting it too, but no-one could have imagined it would get this heated.

That's until there was another dramatic turn of events between Wilder and Fury ahead of their WBC title match in December.

The pair, who face each other in the ring on December 1 in LA at the Staples Center, had the chance to exchange words and answer questions on Monday at their first press conference, and it wasn't long before things started to get a little too heated.

It would appear Fury went into the press conference with one goal in mind - to annoy or anger Deontay Wilder.

From the go Fury was dropping insults, calling Wilder a dosser or a bum a number of times, as well as labelling the American as a lemon that's going to get squeezed.

When asked if this was a dangerous fight considering his inactivity, Fury jumped to give an answer.

"I picked him because he's an easy touch," Fury said.

"He's a lemon and I'm gonna squeeze him nice and hard. I'm going to make lemonade out of him."

Fury wants to feel 'the power'

It's clear that Fury is hungry for the WBC title shot against Wilder, but just how hungry became clear at Monday's press conference when he challenged the American to a 'little spar' in front of the press.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder Press Conference

"Well, can we have a little spar now? Let's have a little tickle, let me feel this power of the Alabama Slammer."

Of course, Wilder didn't take long to react and both men were soon on their feet and in each others faces, with promoter Frank Warren trying to come between them both.

Fury kept demanding that Wilder 'show him the power', telling Frank he wants to feel the power, but all the Brit got in return was a shove from Wilder, and before any other physical exchanges could be made, officials were soon between the pair.

Fury instead responded to Wilder's shove with a few words.

"My wife pushes harder than that you little b***h," Fury said.

Things didn't seem to cool down afterwards either, as the pair carried on exchanging words and trying to get at each other.

Wilder insisted things had now got serious and tried to remind Fury it wasn't a game.

"It has started, this is no game, this is real," Wilder explains.

"Can't you see, we have the press come, this is a real fight."

Before any more exchanges of words or possible punches could be made, the choice was made to bring the conference to an end as BT made the call to come off air earlier than originally scheduled.

The trash talk, however, continued even after the pair had come off air.

Fury: “I smell p****!”

Wilder: “That was last night!”

What are your thoughts on the situation? Did both men take things too far during their press conference, or is this brewing up to be one of the greatest match line-ups of all time?

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