Tyson Fury mocks Deontay Wilder again ahead of huge super fight in Los Angeles

Tyson Fury Media Workout

Tyson Fury has again upped the ante in his war of words with Deontay Wilder by again rubbishing his technique ahead of their huge fight in Los Angeles four weeks today.

Fury was filmed by BT Sport in their 'No Filter' behind the scenes documentary series, looking at the training camps of both fighters before the bout.

He shared a joke with trainer Ben Davison whilst watching two of team members sparring in his camp.

It is believed Fury is mentoring and coaching the young boxers.

In the clip, one of the sparring partners swings wildly with a left hook, which misses his opponent clearly and leaves him stumbling on his feet, prompting Fury to make a joke about him looking like Deontay Wilder, which leaves his trainer Davison in stitches of laughter.

This is the second time that he has poked fun at his opponent’s style.

On Instagram the other day, Fury posted another clip of him mocking Wilder’s stance and asked “What's he going to do? Follow me around the ring like this all day?’ whilst holding his fist up past his head.

That little comment came during a BT Sport documentary earlier in the year, and it sparked a reaction from Wilder in the week, who simply said he couldn't wait for fight night.

Fury, who is preparing for his third fight back after two-and-a-half years out of the sport due to well publicised drug and mental health issues appears to be extremely relaxed about his opponent and the danger that he faces.

Scroll to 20:40 in the below video to watch Fury make the joke

He recently spoke to Joe Rogan on his popular podcast in a wide-ranging interview in which he openly discussed his desperate mental state, with him being on suicide watch for several months.

Tellingly, he also revealed that it was Wilder that prompted his return, commenting on how out of shape he looked at a fight and said he was finished in the sport.

He cited this as his main motivation to lose all that weight and get back to the level he was when he became world champion.

It certainly doesn’t appear that the war of words between the heavyweights will be ceasing any time before they meet in the ring on December 1.

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