Jon Jones choked out a UFC fan and then brought him back to consciousness

  • Kobe Tong
UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2

For most people, the idea of being choked out by Jon Jones is nothing short of a nightmare.

Sure, you get adrenalines junkies who will go skydiving or bungee jumping, but having your air supply cut off by a UFC champion probably takes the thrill-seeking too far.

However, one mixed-martial-arts fan in Germany didn't have that same mentality and allowed himself to be submitted by Jones in a rear-naked choke.

'Bones' is widely regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters in history and his only defeat - coming against Matt Hamill - was by way of disqualification.

Not only that, but Jones is incredibly proficient on the ground and has ended six of his professional fights by submission.

UFC champion Jon Jones

The 31-year-old has experienced no shortage of controversy throughout his career, but no one has every doubted his raw ability within the octagon.

Jones recently claimed the light-heavyweight championship with victory over Alexander Gustafsson and defended the strap with a unanimous decision win against Anthony Smith.

So, all that considered, we can safely consider this particular fan something of a masochist and the video footage of the incident is pretty scary.

UFC 235 Jones v Smith

Jones chokes out UFC fan

At the FIBO fitness event in Germany, Jones sat behind the fan and slowly eased himself into one of the most common submissions in MMA.

After just a few seconds, the young man begins to lose consciousness and is eventually laid out cold on the staging. Pretty brutal stuff.

However, Jones did all he could to bring the fan back into consciousness and raised his legs in the air to increase blood-flow to the head.

Thankfully, the process worked and the full clip can be seen down below:

Yeh, I think we'll pass on that.

It goes to show just how merciless submissions can be in the world of MMA and why fans should be cautious when saying that fighters tapped out too early.

It's pretty frightening the speed with which Jones could knock out the young man, who needed help to wake up as quickly as he did.

Dana White has frowned upon fighters pulling off these kind of stunts in the past and understandably so, has been concerned that they could lead to lawsuits.

UFC 235 Jones v Smith

Paige VanZant carried out a similar stunt on a US marine back in 2018, where even an elite solider was sent unconscious within 10 seconds.

Nevertheless, it seems pretty clear in this latest instance that the fan was a willing participants and Jones showed his unrivalled experience by staying completely calm throughout.

It's no wonder Jones is one of the most feared fighters in the world.

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