Boxers simultaneously exchange punches and hit canvas at the same time


In 2019, nothing should really surprise us or shock us in the world of boxing.

However, when American duo Irosvani Duvergel and Jerhed Fenderson both hit the canvas at the exact same time during an event in Florida, it gave us one of the rarest sights in boxing.

Duvergel connected with a strong right hook in the third-round of the fight as Fenderson retreated to the ropes, sending the American to the mat.

However, at almost the same time, Fenderson himself landed a shovel uppercut to Duvergel, sending the Cuban sprawling to the ropes and onto his back.

Duvergel immediately rose back to his feet and instructed the referee to count Fenderson, who would eventually go on to beat the count as well.

But, the drama wasn’t limited to that as the third round contained a further two knockdowns.

Incredibly, and after all that action in the third, both fighters saw the fight through the final bell, with Duvergel being awarded the nod from the judges.

It will certainly be a fight to remember for both athletes.

Take a look at the fight for yourself in the videos below.

(The double knockdown in the below video takes place at 02:40)

Cuban middleweight Duvergel, still in the early stages of his unbeaten professional career, was paired with Fenderson as he looked to increase his 5-0 record. On the other hand, Fenderson had claimed just four wins from 14 bouts up to this point in his own career.

Duvergel was the clear favourite going into the bout, and wasn’t expecting much talk about the fight, but it went viral because of the double knockdown.

With this fight, Duvergel improved his record to 6-0, but could very well never participate in a round as dramatic as this one. Fenderson meanwhile, falls to 4-11.

This will certainly be a candidate for Round of the Year 2019.

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