Peter Crouch’s festival at the O2, ‘CrouchFest’, was football’s answer to Glastonbury


Peter Crouch further cemented his status as the most popular man in English football on Saturday night.

The veteran striker, who currently plies his trade with Burnley, hosted his very own festival at the O2 Arena - ‘Crouchfest’. They wanted to go for ‘Crouchella’ but didn’t want to risk upsetting Coachella’s lawyers.

Crouch’s festival was announced last month and fans of his hugely popular podcast - That Peter Crouch Podcast - snapped up the £12.50 tickets.

Before the event, which was a sell-out, it was unclear what Crouchy had up his sleeve.

All fans knew was that there’d be live music and a few special guests.

But Crouchfest, it’s fair to say, exceeded all expectations.

After DJ Jaguar Skills warmed up the crowd, Crouch appeared on stage in a red boxer’s robe and, after greeting his fellow podcast hosts Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce, admitted he’d been “bricking it” beforehand.

Yep, the man who’s played at the highest level of football was nervous about walking out on stage in front of a few thousand podcast listeners.

The first surprise guest of the evening was a big one: Liam Gallagher.

The Oasis superstar claimed to have celebrated Manchester City’s Premier League title win with eight vodkas.

Shortly afterwards we had the first rendition of ‘We love you Crouchy, we do!’ from the crowd…

Crouch then offered to buy a round for everyone in the crowd if they could successfully guess his PIN number.


The night then took an even more bizarre twist when opera singer Katherine Jenkins sang the Champions League anthem.

Not long after that, Crouch was on the mic himself, singing the 1992 song ‘Informer’ by Snow.

Take a bow, Crouchy!

Remarkably, this all happened before the interval. You wouldn’t find this kind of value at Glastonbury or another of the other major UK music festivals.

In the second half of the show, we got to see the robot from Crouchy.

He then got in full festival spirit by downing a pint.

What a legend.

And then the lads had a sing-song before wrapping up the show.

We just hope that CrouchFest will be back stronger next year.

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