Ian Holloway thinks Man United should transfer list Jesse Lingard for latest Snapchat story

Jesse Lingard has come under fire for his latest social media post

Jesse Lingard did not perform well last season.

The midfielder scored just five times in 38 appearances for United.

And, after infuriating United fans on the pitch, he's doing the same with his antics on social media.

Just a few days back, Lingard posted a bizarre video where he repeatedly said 'beans' into the camera.

And he's now topped that with another social media post.

On Wednesday he gave a tour around the apartment he was staying in and the language he used was embarrassing.

Watch it below:

Understandably, a number of Man United fans were not happy with the video.

And Ian Holloway has gone as far as saying that Man United should transfer list him because of the video.

"When you're a professional footballer, you're representing your country every single second of the day," he said on talkSPORT.

Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford are currently on holiday in Miami

"He's been brought up through Sir Alex Ferguson's regime. He should know how to behave at all times.

"He has videoed this himself and put it on social media himself. So for me, there's no way back.

"The manager and his staff have got to sort this out. That is unacceptable from him. I'd put him on the transfer list.

"He has forgotten who he is and what his contract means. In his contract he will have things saying 'you will not bring the club into disrepute'.

"He could be sacked for that."

Ally McCoist also condemned Lingard's behaviour on talkSPORT.

“The sad thing is I’m not surprised, I don’t know if any of this nonsense on social media surprises me anymore,” McCoist said.

“I understand totally that social media is a massive part of today’s world, particularly with the younger generation.

“But at the same time, surely you’ve got to show a bit of responsibility and common sense when you’re using it.

Jesse Lingard is being criticised for his post on social media

“I’m looking at the reaction from Manchester United fans, and they’re worse than angry, they feel completely let down.

“He’s well entitled to go on holiday and have a good time, but why would you put something like that on social media? Does he actually think that’s going to benefit him?

“I don’t think there’s ever been as much of a gulf between the top players and the fans. Young fans are looking for role models – that isn’t a role model.

“Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Sir Alex Ferguson, imagine them watching that – what are they thinking?”

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