HOT TOPICS: Is female empowerment through celebrities going too far?


Miley Cyrus' controversial video 'Mother's Daughter' has started a debate surrounding the topics of female empowerment and body positivity.

Both concepts have various definitions as the terms have changed over time and mean different things to different people.

With Piers Morgan's fat-shaming of model Angelina Duplisea on Good Morning Britain, the topic of obesity has become one of contention. 

Conversely, the controversy appears when the topic of body positivity and a healthy weight clash. Does body positivity encourage you to be unhealthy?

It is important to note that the term 'healthy' is often measured using the body mass index (BMI). BMI is a metric system that measures your weight according to your height. From this, you derive whether you are at a 'correct' and 'healthy' weight.

However, BMI doesn't take into account muscle commonly found in athletes. It also doesn't take into account factors such as age, sex, and ethnicity, which all plays an essential part in our BMI results.

All these factors lower the reliability of the system, which is seen as no longer relevant in a society where body image standards are continually changing.

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Testing blood pressure is perhaps a better way to measure healthiness as tests will highlight medical issues that may be affecting you, such as high blood pressure and diabetes

As a progressive society, where we are encouraged to love all body types, it is also important to celebrate and promote healthier lifestyles for women and girls alike.

Why are we trusting Piers Morgan to lead this conversation on a show that is mostly watched by females?

When does body positivity become unhealthy? How do we approach the conversation constructively and healthily, where women and girls who may be obese are inspired to live a healthier lifestyle for themselves? 

Miley Cyrus - known for her controversial antics - displays her take on female empowerment in her most recent music video. Is Miley's video showing empowerment for all women as her video tries to convey?

Coming from a background as a child star, does she genuinely understand freedom for all types of women? Or does the video convey how Miley herself views female empowerment, with the individuals used in the video simply there for tokenism to appear inclusive since it's on-trend?

Perhaps this is what her producers want from her,  to revert to her Wrecking Ball phase? To bring back her infamous tongue pose? To gain attention and cause controversy without care to boost record sales?

If female empowerment is the process of a woman regaining control and freedom does that look like the Mother's Daughter video and is this applicable for all women?   


The video forces us to think about whether freedom for women should look like the images and messages used in the Mother's Daughter video.

This video raises many questions; one being is Miley Cyrus committed to fighting for all women? For instance, a black woman who faces struggles beyond her understanding.

Or is the video as mentioned before just a reflection of Miley and how she views her female empowerment.

With her video, Miley has a particular responsibility to uphold, especially being a famous artist. Perhaps the issue is that as a society we are looking to artists as voices for political and social problems despite their lack of awareness and knowledge on the subject.

It is essential to discuss body positivity and female empowerment but in a responsible way and perhaps a music video and morning talk show may not be the place for these topics.

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