Robin van Persie explains why he left Arsenal for Manchester United

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League

Robin van Persie will probably never be forgiven for leaving Arsenal to join Manchester United.

On this day in August 2012, the Dutchman completed a £24 million switch to Old Trafford after eight seasons in the capital.

He didn’t take the decision lightly and penned a letter to fans in an effort to maintain a positive relationship with them.

But it’s safe to say Van Persie’s vague explanation didn’t satisfy his former supporters.

Like most star players who abandon their side for greener pastures, the 36-year-old has since been labelled a traitor by the Gunners faithful.

Now, seven years later, Van Persie has had another crack at explaining how the move transpired, this time with much more contextual details.

At the time, it was believed Arsene Wenger was willing to make the striker the highest-paid player at the club.

However, according to Van Persie, such an offer was never put forward.

Speaking in his new position as a pundit for BT Sport, he said: “You can compare [me being at Arsenal] to being married. Me and my wife - Arsenal - were married for eight years.

“After eight years, my wife, possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.

“If Arsenal are not offering you a new deal... you can have different views on things but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal.

“Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.

“I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was City or Manchester United.

"What people don't know, during the transfer, loads of things are happening behind the scenes.

“You have to take a lot on and make a choice based on what your targets are but also deal with the facts.

“One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me. That was the starting point - they didn't offer me a new deal.

“We had loads of chats with Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis. They gave me no decision to make.”

Arsenal's Dutch striker Robin van Persie

Well, this latest account suggests Wenger and the board perhaps deserve more of the blame than they’ve received.

Even if it’s true Van Persie was backed into a corner, though, the fact is he helped United win the 2012-13 Premier League title at Arsenal’s expense.

For that reason, you can be sure the now-retired hitman will remain a widely resented figure around north London.

What do you make of Van Persie’s latest take on his decision to leave Arsenal? Leave a comment below.

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