How much money every Premier League team has spent to assemble their current squad

Manchester City have spent over €1bn on their current squad

Manchester City have spent big in the past decade and that continued this summer.

Pep Guardiola was active in the transfer market once again as he spent £151.20m on new players.

And now, according to the CIES Football Observatory, the Citizens have assembled the first billion-euro squad in history.

City have spent €1.014bn on members of their current squad.

But how does that compare to the rest of the Premier League?

View how much every Premier League club has spent on members of their current squad below:

1) Manchester City - €1.014bn
2) Manchester United - €751m
3) Liverpool - €639m
4) Chelsea - €561m
5) Arsenal - €498m
6) Everton - €486m

Everton have spent big in recent years, including on Richarlison

7) Tottenham Hotspur - €465m
8) Leicester City - €312m
9) West Ham United - €259m
10) Newcastle United - €227m
11) Southampton - €218m
12) Wolverhampton Wanderers - €217m
13) Bournemouth - €215m
14) Aston Villa - €214m

Aston Villa spent big on their squad this summer

15) Crystal Palace - €208m
16) Brighton & Hove Albion - €192m
17) Watford - €189m
18) Burnley - €132m
19) Sheffield United - €64m
20) Norwich City - €32m

Norwich have spent just €32m on their squad

The first thing that stands out is that Man City are way ahead than the rest of the pack.

They've spent €263m more on their current squad than bitter rivals, Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side has cost €751m to assemble which, incredibly, is €112m more than Liverpool's squad has cost.

Everton have failed to crack the European places in recent years but their squad has cost them €486m, the sixth most expensive in the league.

Surprisingly, their squad has cost more to assemble than Tottenham's.

Manchester City have the first €1bn squad in football history

Spurs have spent €465m on their current squad. That's a low figure given they have been a perennial top four team in past few seasons.

Newcastle fans have been upset with their side's lack of transfer business under Mike Ashley but their squad is actually the 10th most expensive in England's top tier.

Norwich City have spent the least on their current squad, having splashed out just €32m.

That makes they've spent almost €1bn less than City have on their current squad.

Judging by these figures, it would be a minor miracle if they manage to survive in their first season back in England's top tier.

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