Fans at UFC Mexico throw rubbish into Octagon after eye poke ends Rodriguez vs Stephens early


Fans at UFC Mexico last night were not happy that the main event fight of Yair Rodriguez vs Jeremy Stephens was brought to an end so early after an eye poke, so they showed their frustration in a gruesome way.

UFC Mexico's main event in Mexico City saw Mexico's own Rodriguez take on Stephens in the main event, but the fight was stopped 15 seconds into the first round due to an eye poke.

The eye poke seems accidental by El Pantera, and official Herb Dean gave Lil Heathen five minutes to recover, but after he still couldn't open his eye following that time period, the fight was stopped. Fans inside the arena were not happy.

Fans threw bottles, popcorn, and any rubbish they could get their hands on at the Octagon and towards Stephens as he departed the arena.

The official ruling is that the highly anticipated fight ended in a no-contest after 15 seconds in the first round due to an accidental eye poke.

You can understand why the fans would be frustrated with the main event result, given the fact some of them have likely paid good money to watch the event, but their actions are not acceptable.

Rodriguez addressed the crowd during his post-fight interview: “I apologize a great deal.

“We both trained very hard for this fight. Everyone spent a lot of money to come down and see us compete and support us. I feel very bad about this. Let’s do this again.”

However, the Mexican did question the legitimacy of the American's injury.

He said: “My family came here, all my friends came here, and you always have to give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent. You don’t know how he’s feeling.

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"But he’s the only one who is going to have to live with that in his mind for the rest of his life, if it was a lie.”

Stephens made it clear after receiving treatment for what is being described as a 'deep scratch' on his left eye that he wants to go again with Rodriguez too.

He said during a video on Twitter posted by ESPN: “Yair, you think I’m faking, bro – you’re the one that poked me in the eye. Let’s run it back (in) four or five weeks, two weeks, whatever. I’ll be ready.”


Lil Heathen ended his message with: “Let’s run it back, motherf****r.”

UFC Mexico may have ended in an ugly manner, but hopefully Rodriguez and Stephens will be able to step inside the Octagon to fight against each other again soon.

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