Referee sends off every Yeovil ball boy in their 3-1 win against Bromley


Ah, ball boys.

You know something’s gone wrong when an article is being written about them.

Because, let’s be honest, they don’t rank highly on the list of most important people involved in a football game.

Their job is literally to return the football when it goes out of play. They shouldn’t be spoken about.

But they’re the subject of a quite brilliant story that comes from Yeovil Town.

The National League side welcomed league-leaders Bromley to Huish Park for a huge game on Saturday.

And The Glovers won 3-1, overcoming a 1-0 deficit to make it seven wins in a row.


Image credit: Yeovil Town FC

But the match ended with referee Aaron Johnson being forced to run to retrieve the ball for the players after he had sent every ball boy off.

The referee believes Yeovil’s young lads were too slow in returning the ball to Bromley’s players.

He sent one of them off in the 84th minute and, 60 seconds later, decided to get rid of all of them.

“The referee has, no joke, just sent off one of our ball boys…,” the West Country club wrote on Twitter, before offering an update.

“Update: he's dismissed all of them…”

Yet it meant there was nobody to retrieve the ball when it did go out.

So it was left to the ref to go and get it.

“The referee runs to get a ball for Adam Smith (because he's sent the ball boys off…),” Yeovil explained in the 90th minute.

It was a bonkers game from the off.

Yeovil striker Rhys Murphy and Bromley goalkeeper Mark Cousins both had to come off after a clash in the second minute.

Murphy was able to walk off but Cousins was taken to hospital, with Bromley later confirming he suffered a slight concussion.

But his departure meant defender Chris Bush had to play in goal for the rest of the match as the visitors didn’t have a substitute goalkeeper.

Bush conceded three goals and Bromley suffered their first defeat of the season.

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