Paul Pogba's barber wants to sort out Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's 'terrible' haircuts


You probably won’t be familiar with the name Ahmed Alsanawi, but you’ll certainly know his work.

Ahmed is a barber who is able to name many famous footballers as his clients.

These include Eden Hazard, Jesse Lingard and, perhaps most famous of all, Paul Pogba.

Yep, Ahmed - owner of A Star Barbers - is the man who infuriates people like Graeme Souness by giving Pogba a variety of weird and wonderful hairstyles.

“People say ‘What’s the haircut?’ Think about it, they’re always on TV, millions and millions of people are watching them. What would you rather look like? S***, or good? People don’t get that and it winds me up sometimes,” Ahmed, who boasts 333,000 Instagram followers, said in an exclusive interview with The Sportsman.

“Hair is the crown you wear. If I’m going out, and my hair is messy and my beard is all over the place, my confidence isn’t going to be as good as if I have a proper decent fade and I’m feeling myself.

“That’s every aspect of life, anything; if you feel confident in yourself and the haircut makes you feel that way, you’re going to perform better.”


When asked to name which footballers’ hair he’d like to cut, Ahmed has his sights set on the big two: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

However, he believes that Ronaldo and Messi’s current barbers are doing a ‘terrible’ job with their superstar clients.

“I would love to do Messi and Ronaldo’s hair,” he admitted.


“Whoever they’re going to, I don’t know man…”

Asked to comment on their haircuts, Ahmed added: “Terrible, terrible!

No disrespect to their barber but to have that profile and not have a good haircut is annoying.

Give the man a call, gents!

But how did Ahmed become the barber that top footballers want to hire?

“We were in Chessington and all of the Chelsea youth players would come into the shop,” he said, revealing how his story began.

“You do one of them and give them a good haircut and they tell their friends and it spreads about. It’s not love, you’ve just got to be good at what you do, and if you’re good at it and it happens to be a footballer in your chair and he likes the haircut, it’ll spread.


“Suddenly, my name was going around the Chelsea training ground - that’s how John Terry heard about me. He brought me into Chelsea’s training ground and I was doing that, going in for three years - that’s how I gained Eden Hazard and all the big footballers.”

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