FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The 10 most overpowered players on the game

FIFA 20 is home to a number of overpowered players

With every new edition of FIFA come new additions to the franchise's ever-growing overpowered players list.

Last year, the likes of Davinson Sanchez, Anderson Talisca and Gabriel Jesus tormented just about everyone in the early stages of the game.

On FIFA 20, that trio still possess the ability to break controllers, but their places towards the top of the pile have been taken.

Below, you'll find a list of 10 players on FIFA 20 that are taking overpowered to dangerous new levels.

Even seeing their names sends a shiver down the spine...


Saint-Maximin's FIFA 20 card

One of FIFA's finest dribblers is currently tearing it up on the game in Premier League teams after his move to Newcastle.

93 pace, five-star skills and finishing that feels far greater than his 70 stat rating, Saint-Maximin is a certified beast on the game.

If he manages to pick up an in-form this season, pray for controllers across the world.


Ben Yedder's FIFA 20 card

In FIFA 19, the onus was on using bigger, taller strikers to make use of the game's overpowered heading.

But this time around, quick, nimble strikers are the go-to and there aren't many better in FIFA 20 than Ben Yedder.

That five-star weak foot and high dribbling make the Frenchman's 83 card feel like something close to the 90's - a cheap Kylian Mbappe if ever there was one.


Mendy's FIFA 20 card

When a number of professional FIFA players are using an 80-rated left-back, you know that card is pretty darn special.

Real Madrid's summer signing is impossible to beat in a one-on-one duel and once he gets ahold of the ball, attempting to shrug him off feels like running into a brick wall.

Not to mention Mendy possesses a five-star weak foot and four-star skills, which is pretty much unheard of for a defender.


Militao's FIFA 20 card

Another Real Madrid defender and another absolute monster on FIFA 20.

With a pace rating of 79, the Brazilian was always going to be good but the former Porto man is essentially Paolo Maldini reincarnated this year.

If you come up against a team with Militao, Mendy and Raphael Varane, best to just rage quit as soon as possible.


Sissoko's FIFA 20 card

After becoming one of Tottenham's most-important players, Sissoko is now one of the best players on FIFA.

Don't believe us? Well, the Frenchman boasts some outrageous stats, from 90 strength to 91 stamina and a sprint speed of 85.

He's even had significant boosts to his defending and dribbling, making him one of the finest 81 cards to grace Ultimate Team.


Gomez's FIFA 20 card

Like Militao, Gomez was always going to be a problem thanks to his attractive pace rating - which is 80 this year.

Despite the fact that the Premier League has the likes of Jan Vertonghen, Sokratis and Toby Alderweireld available relatively cheap on Ultimate Team, gamers are sticking with Gomez.

And they're right to do so, with the Liverpool defender eating quick strikers for breakfast on FIFA 20.


Rashford's FIFA 20 card

Probably one of the only strikers on the game that can make Militao and Gomez look like Per Mertesacker.

Despite flopping in the Premier League this season, Manchester United's local lad is striking fear into people's hearts in the virtual world.

With those five-star skills, it's probably for the best that Rashford is unlikely to get a Team of the Week upgrade anytime soon.


Allan's FIFA 20 card

The bargain N'Golo Kante.

Napoli's midfield engine was handed his highest base rating (85) on FIFA 20 and it has elevated him to the God Tier of players in the game.

So if your midfield is being overrun, the Brazilian is the man you need to invest in to add that beautiful overpowered spice to your team.


Morales' FIFA 20 card

Some of you might be asking, who?

Well, Morales is feared by defenders in Spain after scoring 12 La Liga goals for Levante last season, earning the 32-year-old an 82-rated card.

With a sprint speed of 90, 85 for dribbling, a four-star weak foot and four-star skills, Morales has come from nowhere to be the staple in all La Liga teams right now.


Lucas' FIFA 20 card

When you score a hat-trick in a Champions League final, you're bound to receive an upgrade.

Lucas' boost from 82 to 83 has, of course, added an extra zest of quality, but it's the fact that his position has been converted into a central striker.

So now, instead of the Brazilian being confined to the right-wing, he's tearing it up as a CAM behind the likes of Rashford - truly terrifying.

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