The 2019/20 Premier League table based on difficulty of fixtures through 12 matches

Southampton FC v Everton FC - Premier League

You’ve got to feel for Southampton.

Without a win in the Premier League in seven matches. On the receiving end of a humiliating 9-0 defeat to Leicester City. Nineteenth in the table. Sheesh.

Ralph Hasenhuttl is under serious pressure to turn things around after winning just two out of 12 games.

But there’s reason for Saints fans to slightly excuse their poor form: their strength of schedule.

The team at footylabs work out the strength of schedule for each Premier League team based on their current position and the standing of their opponent.

And through gameweek 12, Southampton have had the toughest set of fixtures.

The south coast club have already faced Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester City this season.

More easier games are to come. Southampton have the fifth easiest schedule in the next five matches and the seventh easiest for the remainder of the season.

Manchester City v Southampton FC - Premier League

On the flip side are Everton. The Toffees have disappointed in 2019/20, winning just four games, and are 15th in the table.

That’s despite having the most simple schedule so far - and the second-most difficult for the rest of the season.

After the international break, Everton’s fixture list reads: Norwich City (H), Leicester City (A), Liverpool (A), Chelsea (H), Manchester United (A), Arsenal (H).


Brighton & Hove Albion v Everton FC - Premier League

Check out the strength of schedule for all 20 teams.

1st = hardest, 20th = easiest

1. Liverpool

  • Season so far: 9th
  • Next 5 matches: 19th
  • Season remaining: 18th

2. Leicester City

  • Season so far: 11th
  • Next 5 matches: 20th
  • Season remaining: 16th

3. Chelsea

  • Season so far: 18th
  • Next 5 matches: 11th
  • Season remaining: 9th

4. Man City

  • Season so far: 19th
  • Next 5 matches: 3rd
  • Season remaining: 13th

5. Sheffield United

  • Season so far: 3rd
  • Next 5 matches: 15th
  • Season remaining: 10th

6. Arsenal

  • Season so far: 15th
  • Next 5 matches: 18th
  • Season remaining: 17th

7. Man United

  • Season so far: 12th
  • Next 5 matches: 10th
  • Season remaining: 19th

8. Wolves

  • Season so far: 7th
  • Next 5 matches: 14th
  • Season remaining: 12th

9. Bournemouth

  • Season so far: 16th
  • Next 5 matches: 6th
  • Season remaining: 4th

10. Burnley

  • Season so far: 14th
  • Next 5 matches: 9th
  • Season remaining: 6th

11. Brighton

  • Season so far: 13th
  • Next 5 matches: 5th
  • Season remaining: 3rd

12. Crystal Palace

  • Season so far: 6th
  • Next 5 matches: 17th
  • Season remaining: 11th

13. Newcastle

  • Season so far: 2nd
  • Next 5 matches: 13th
  • Season remaining: 15th

14. Tottenham

  • Season so far: 8th
  • Next 5 matches: 12th
  • Season remaining: 20th

15. Everton

  • Season so far: 20th
  • Next 5 matches: 1st
  • Season remaining: 2nd

16. West Ham

  • Season so far: 17th
  • Next 5 matches: 2nd
  • Season remaining: 1st

17. Aston Villa

  • Season so far: 10th
  • Next 5 matches: 7th
  • Season remaining: 5th

18. Watford

  • Season so far: 4th
  • Next 5 matches: 4th
  • Season remaining: 7th

19. Southampton

  • Season so far: 1st
  • Next 5 matches: 16th
  • Season remaining:14th

20. Norwich City

  • Season so far: 5th
  • Next 5 matches: 8th
  • Season remaining: 8th

There’s further reason for Liverpool fans to be optimistic that this will be their season, then.

They have an eight-point advantage at the top of the table and have the third-easiest schedule the rest of the way.

At least one half of Merseyside will be happy.

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