All 20 Premier League clubs' worst looking kit of the decade

West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United

The Premier League has seen some terrible football shirts over the last decade.

With each year and season, sportswear companies are increasingly pressured to deliver a trio of aesthetically-pleasing and preferably unique jerseys for their clients.

Picking the right or wrong colours or designs could be the difference between the strips flying off the shelves or being panned on social media.

And with the decade coming to a close, GIVEMESPORT has decided to look back through some of the best and worst shirts that the current Premier League cohort has adorned.

We started with all 20 teams' best jersey of the last 10 years and now we've put our eyesight on the line by ploughing through the worst shirts to make it off the production line.

Worst shirts of the decade

Trust us when we say some of the picks are absolutely terrible... so, brace yourselves, and check out the 20 strips to make our wall of shame.

Note: Eligibility is dictated by whether the kit was worn during any Premier League match during the decade as opposed to necessarily being released/designed post-2009.

Arsenal: 2014/15 third kit

You know those signs you see outside of barbers? This jersey looks like a punk, neon version of that and there's far too many bold colours plastered all over it for us to stare too long.


Aston Villa: 2019/20 third kit

For a kick off, the general colour scheme of dark green, orange and black was nonsensical and then it looks like someone fell asleep on an etch-a-sketch for the strange, lined texturing.


Bournemouth: 2015/16 third kit

The Cherries have the best range of kits out of all 20 clubs and therefore, this bold pink effort - which had a brilliant, charitable motive - is our most reluctant selection in this terrible wardrobe.


Brighton & Hove Albion: 2015/16 away kit

When Brighton played in this absolute sun beacon of a jersey, you could probably see them score from across the Channel. If you think it looks bad in the studio, it looked even worse on the pitch.


Burnley: 2011/12 away kit

Burnley seem to have something of an obsession with yellow and brown away kits, God knows why, and this throwback shirt is the most woeful of the collection. 

Birmingham City v Burnley - npower Championship

Chelsea: 2010/11 third kit 

Rumour has it these kits were recycled for high-vis jackets, only to be rejected for being too high-vis. Anyway, that's what you'd assume when you consider how offensive this shade truly is.


Crystal Palace: 2011/12 away kit

Yellow and green should never be seen in our books. There's not much going on here, so we admit that Palace's kits have been pretty solid, but there aren't many redeeming qualities either.


Everton: 2009/10 away kit

When we say Everton have had some dreadful kits over the years, we mean it, so the fact this mess of a jersey - which looks like a terrible suit shirt - comes out on top is the ultimate insult.


Leicester City: 2013/14 away kit

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when somebody suggested that a strange brown colour and bright yellow was a nice combination. Someone point them in the direction of Specsavers.


Liverpool: 2012/13 third kit

Slapping purple, orange and white together was never a good start for Liverpool, but the terrible 'tribal patterns' look like the kind of tattoo people wake up with on a lad's holiday to Magaluf.


Manchester City: 2019/20 third kit

Oh dear god. My eyes, my eyes. Clearly the mail got mixed up on the day this shirt was given the green light, because it looks like the design for an ice lolly, not the champions' third strip.


Manchester United: 2018/19 away kit

Not the worst shirt on the list by any means, but nobody got any pleasure out of seeing the United squad wearing a jersey that looked like a white t-shirt that was accidentally put in a colour wash.


Newcastle United: 2009/10 away kit

Seriously, what happened in the Adidas meeting where this mess was approved? This is arguably the worst jersey on the entire list and that yellow is sickly enough to make eyes bleed 10 years on.


Norwich City: 2018/19 third kit

We could easily have picked the emetic 2015/16 and 2016/17 third strips, but last season's equivalent is practically iris-shattering with its terrible cocktail of bright, lurid greens. 


Sheffield United: 2013/14 away kit

Putting yellow and green together is always a terrible decision, not to mention the strange half-and-half collar going on, and the messy 'TopSpring' logo hammers the final nail in the coffin.


Southampton: 2019/20 away kit

To be honest, the Saints haven't dropped too many design clangers over the last decade, but this season's decision to blend grey with yellow will see them enter the 2020s on a bad note.


Tottenham Hotspur: 2018/19 third kit

This calamitous collision of green looks like the kind of vegetation you'd call the council to scrape off a wall, even if Spurs fans will always treasure it for those famous Champions League nights.


Watford: 2013/14 away kit

The variant badge that Watford used during in 2013/14 looks knock-off and by this point, I feel like emailing every sportswear company in the country to stop blending yellow with hues like brown.


West Ham United: 2016/17 third kit

We want to like this strip and we understand the historic relevance to the Hammers, but this looks like your local darts team's dirt-cheap jerseys from a distance.


Wolverhampton Wanderers: 2016/17 away kit

Meh. Wolves' orange and black pallet gives them a huge advantage in terms of kit design; this just happens to be the worst of a pretty solid bunch. Who thought this shade of green was nice?


GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

There have truly been some terrible kits in the Premier League over the last 10 years.

If you think I have a vendetta against the colour yellow after this list, you're probably not far wrong, but it's responsible for some of the most sickening jerseys on the list.

Newcastle's promotion-winning away kit from 2009/10 is my pick for the worst of bunch, closely followed by City's incumbent third strip and Norwich's 2018/19 explosion of bright greens.

Everton FC v Manchester City - Premier League

It's inevitable that experimenting with different colours and designs for away and third strips in particular is going to produced as many terrible jerseys as it will impressive ones.

However, let this serve as a lesson that going crazy with the colour pallet isn't always the way forward... and that I might lose my sanity if someone puts brown and yellow together again.

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