Gymnast sparks new viral trend with remarkable 'Flex Challenge'


Every now and then a new challenge sweeps the internet and you follow suit.

Once you have completed the challenge, you nominate three mates and so on.

However, if you manage to complete this, well...we doff our caps to you.

This challenge was created by gymnast Jax Kranitz.

At the time of writing this article, the challenge has gone viral with over a quarter of a million views to date.

She posted her exploits on Instagram with the caption "New flex challenge??? Tag a friend that you think can do this."

So you are probably wondering how on earth it’s done.

Essentially, you lie down flat on the floor, in an almost plank position. Make sure your legs are straight, and then put your hands behind your back. Sounds easy enough...

Now for the hard part. You have got to try stand up by bringing your legs out far enough to get up onto your feet. Whilst making sure your hands are still behind your back.

It may sound simple, but it is anything but.

Most humans aren’t designed to move in that way, and since she shared the video to her 80k followers, a mixture of admiration and bemusement has come her way

One commentator said: "Just saw this on TikTok. You're a beast. I can hardly touch my toes."

Another person said: "You're like an All American Gymnast tho! I ain't blessed like that."

Another online admirer added: "Anyone that understands anatomy knows this is possible, but rare. The human body is amazing."

So ultimately, if you can do this, you are probably in the top 1% in terms of physical specimen. For the rest of us mere mortals, pass us another ice bucket and we’ll do that instead.

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