Xbox Series X could be able to play Steam games, rumours claim


Microsoft previously announced that they'd started working on the next Xbox console back in E3 2019, and since then, they've revealed the look of the new Xbox Series X, as well as a rundown of the machine's most exciting new features.

A new rumour is floating around at the moment which suggests that the Series X might still have a few more tricks up its sleeve. According to a report from alleged insiders in the Xbox community, as per ladbible, the Xbox Series X may support games on Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

Apparently, the new console will have a "Windows Mode" which will enable players to switch the console's operating system from Xbox to Windows 10, which potentially opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

From this alternate operating system, you could potentially access your Steam and Epic Store libraries, which would mean the introduction of thousands upon thousands of new and exciting games which you could play on the machine. 

However, take this with a massive pinch of salt, as this is simply a rumour and we won't know for sure until Microsoft fully reveals the console's features.

The only issue with allowing Steam and Epic Store games on the Xbox would be that not every game supports controllers, and not every game is optimised to be able to run on the Xbox's specific hardware, so it seems complete gaming satisfaction would be difficult to guarantee.

But who knows? Maybe Microsoft will surprise us.

In fairness to Microsoft, they've been working on a unified and accessible gaming future for a long time now, with a massive push for backwards compatibility with the Xbox One meaning that Xbox and Xbox 360 games were made available for it.


It's also been revealed that Microsoft is continuing this trend with the Series X, as it will apparently support every generation of Xbox title.

Xbox has also made big leaps on the cross-play front, supporting games like Fortnite and Minecraft to be played with friends on PC, Switch and eventually even PS4.

With the ongoing integration of Xbox into Windows, and the launch of Xbox Games Pass on PC, maybe the idea of the new Xbox having more PC-like abilities isn't such a weird idea?

The Xbox Series X is currently scheduled to arrive during the holiday period of this year, so probably before Christmas. 

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