'Grand Theft Auto VI' could be released in 2021, ex-employee reveals


When it comes to releasing details of developments on new games, Rockstar are usually very secretive, which so far has been the case with details on potentially the newest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Thus, leading to a copious amount of rumours and misguiding information. As the series is so huge, there is always speculation surrounding the next title and what it will entail.

The main rumour with regards to 'GTA VI' so far is that we will see the franchise return to Vice City. Which sort of makes sense.

The last time Rockstar released a game based in Vice City was 2006, with the release of 'GTA: Vice City Stories', a game that at first was just for handheld consoles, but was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2007.

After we saw the return of San Andreas in the newest instalment of the popular series, and Liberty City before that, we are surely overdue a return to Miami-inspired Vice City.

The main question in the spotlight, however, is when will GTA VI be released?

Darion Lowenstein, who has worked with some massive companies within gaming, such as the likes of Activision, EA and Rockstar, spoke to equity research firm ‘Jeffries’ earlier this week and gave some insight into when he believes the game will be released.

The Daily Star reported that one of the main points made by Lowenstein was that the game won’t be released anytime soon.


They also reported that, as a former employee of Rockstar, Lowenstein stated that the game developer place all their emphasis on game quality, instead of working to a deadline.

Lowenstein further noted that his ‘best-case-scenario’ for the game's release date would be in the holiday season of 2021. Furthermore, he explained that we shouldn’t expect a trailer or announcement from Rockstar anytime soon.

This was perhaps expected by fans as Rockstar are still releasing online content for 'GTA V', with the most recent addition being the ‘Diamond Casino’, enabling players to gamble away their earnings from other activities in the game like heists and races.

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