Supercomputer predicts Liverpool will finish Premier League season on incredible 112 points


Liverpool are running away with the Premier League this year. 

Jurgen Klopp's side are a massive 22 points ahead of second-place Manchester City and need just six more wins to secure the title. 

But it's all to play for elsewhere. The race for Champions League qualification is heating up. 

Chelsea currently occupy the final top-four spot but Sheffield United, Tottenham, Everton and Manchester United are all within touching distance. 

At the other end of the table, West Ham, Watford and Norwich City are in the relegation zone, but Aston Villa, Bournemouth and Brighton are still scrapping for their lives. 

With so much still to decide, it's about time we take another look at the supercomputer which predicts the final Premier League table. 

The latest update makes fantastic reading for Liverpool fans - record-breaking reading - in fact. Check it out below: 

1. Liverpool - 112 points

Liverpool are tipped for a record-breaking season

2. Leicester - 84 points

3. Man City - 77 points

4. Chelsea - 69 points 

Chelsea could finish top four

5. Sheffield United - 61 points

6. Wolves - 58 points

7. Tottenham - 56 points 

Tottenham will underwhelm

8. Man Utd - 55 points

9. Arsenal - 48 points

10. Everton - 48 points 

Everton are tipped to recover

11. Crystal Palace - 45 points

12. Newcastle - 45 points

13. Brighton - 44 points 

Brighton will survive relegation

14. Burnley - 43 points

15. Southampton - 40 points

16. West Ham - 37 points 

West Ham can still save themselves

17. Bournemouth - 34 points

18. Aston Villa - 31 points

19. Watford - 30 points 

Watford are tipped for relegation

20. Norwich - 27 points

That's right, the supercomputer has predicted Liverpool will finish on a ridiculous 112 points.

To do that, the Reds would need to win all their remaining games, meaning they'll have dropped just two points over the course of the entire campaign. 

Liverpool could pick up 112 points

Quite remarkable, yes. But not impossible. 

Moving down the table, the supercomputer predicts Leicester will actually finish second ahead of Man City, by quite a significant margin of seven points. 

Chelsea are expected to comfortably hold on to that final Champions League qualification spot, while Sheffield United are predicted surprise Europa League qualification. 

Sheffield United could be playing in the Europa League

The less said about Spurs, Man United and Arsenal, the better. Those three big teams finish in seventh, eighth and ninth respectively. 

At the other end of the table, Norwich, Watford and Aston Villa are tipped for a return to the Championship. 

With one-third of the Premier League season still to play, there's plenty of time for everything to change. 

There's still time for the PL table to change

But given how successful supercomputer predictions have been in the past, it might be time for Liverpool fans to start preparing to call themselves the new Invincibles.

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