Activision reportedly no longer interested in making a 'Call of Duty' movie


Activision have reportedly pulled the plug on making a 'Call of Duty' film with a feature-film slipping down their list of priorities, according to Game Rant.

The success of recent games such as ‘CoD: Modern Warfare’ and ‘CoD Mobile’ had led to Activision wanting to make a 'Call of Duty' movie.

However, reports suggest plans for a film have been put on hold with it no longer one of the game producer’s top priorities.

Fans of the franchise would have likely assumed something was wrong by the lack of updates by Activision.

A film was originally targeted for a 2018-19 release, but that came with no success.

An update from mid-2018 suggested the film was still in its early stage of development with the movie’s director Stefano Sollima claiming it would be a “real movie” that would be better than previous video game film adaptations.

Sollima first made the claim about the film being on hold in an interview with Italian film site Badtaste.

Speaking to Badtaste (via Dark Horizons) he said: “Well, the Call of Duty film has remained a bit like this… We wrote the script with Scott Silver (“Joker”), and let’s say that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the universe, the world of Call of Duty… is no longer (at the moment) an industrial priority of the group, of Activision… So, trivially, it has stood still, which happens quite frequently there in America.

“I feel that a movie must be completely different as an experience from any video games. So meaning that in order to make a good movie based on a video game, you have to betray the structure.


“You must ignore the idea that they did a video game. You need to create something that is completely new and a great movie.”

He later went on to say the plans for a film are now “in limbo”.

Plans for the film first came out four years ago alongside an announcement for a new Activision film and TV division.

The company claimed they were looking to establish a film franchise similar to the successful Marvel cinematic productions.

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