Hasbro are releasing a range of Nerf guns inspired by Halo


The Hasbro toy company have revealed plans to launch a selection of Halo-inspired Nerf guns that can be used in the real world.

Hasbro has set out plans to release three different Nerf blasters for October this year, where their design has been devised from weapons that feature in the up-and-coming 'Halo: Infinite' title.

According to the gamespot website, the first weapon is the Halo MA40 Blaster and it will cost £38.46 ($50).

This is the premier blaster from the set and its main feature is a clip that holds up to 10 foam darts.

It enables you to rapidly fire the darts in quick succession, as well as the ability to live out your Master Chief fantasy.

The MA40 takes four C batteries so that you can fire the darts and it is believed to come with a code that allows you to unlock the MA40’s colour scheme in ‘Halo: Infinite’.

The other two blasters are the SPNKR, which is based on the United Nation Space Command (UNSC) weapon.

The SPNKR is a one shot blaster and comes with two foam darts; it is retailed at £7.69 ($10).


The final blaster is the Covenant’s Needler, which is also priced at £7.69 ($10) and includes two darts.

All these weapons are due for release on October 1 with the ‘Halo: Infinite’ game also being released at reportedly around the same time on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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