'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020' to include 'every airport on earth'


Fans of simulator games will almost certainly love 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020' after a huge announcement.

A recently released video by Asobo said the game would feature "all the airports on Earth" - a staggering 37,000 airports that have been added manually to the game.

It significantly bypasses the number of airports included in the last episode of the franchise, with the 2006 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X including just 24,000 airports.

The game was unveiled at E3 last year and its virtual plane-flying experience and exceptionally realistic-looking appearance means anticipation for its release is high.

Developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios, it is exclusively available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox consoles.

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Among the thousands of destinations, 80 of the world's busiest airports will be given extra attention to detail.

Lead game designer Sven Mestas explained the use of data through satellite images from Bing Maps to help make the game as authentic and realistic as possible.

The use of Microsoft Azure technology will allow for the representation of three-dimensional real-life features, such as terrain, trees, grass, buildings and water.

He said: "In order to reach a new level of reality in flight simulation, we needed a new approach.

"That's why we decided to innovate by editing airports from real satellite pictures.

"This technique involves editing each airport manually, which means particular attention to detail has been given to every single one of them, to bring them a step closer to reality."

He added: "We defined the final selection made of iconic airports and dress them up to reach a new level of realism in flight simulation.

"We created and placed unique buildings and props matching reality, transcribing the identity and their engines, and we even terraformed some landscapes to nest them in their real environment."

The game does not have an official release date just yet, but it is expected to land later this year.

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