Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer had a sweeper-keeper nightmare vs Paderborn

Bayern Muenchen v Tottenham Hotspur: Group B - UEFA Champions League

Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer is no longer in the conversation for the world's best goalkeeper.

Sure, the German shot-stopper still stakes a strong claim to the top ten, but it's borderline inexplicable that he remains his country's number one over Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

In truth, Neuer hasn't been the same since his serious injury in the 2017/18 season that limited him to just four appearances.

But footage of Neuer absolutely bossing it earlier in the decade remain incredibly popular on platforms like YouTube and his style of goalkeeping has certainly been entertaining.

While sweeper-keepers have always had their place in the beautiful game, no-one has popularised the philosophy quite like Neuer.

Bayern Munich vs Paderborn

Footage of him bombing forward into midfield during the 2014 World Cup and launching a halfway line diving header in that year's UEFA Super Cup will never get old.

But as mistakes creep into Neuer's game more and more, it seems as though his sweeper-keeper style is letting him down more and more, too.

Well, that was certainly the case during Bayern's clash with Paderborn on Friday night when his foray out of goal rendered Serge Gnabry's opening strike redundant.


Neuer's embarrassing error

Neuer failed to beat Dennis Srbeny to the ball having dashed out to the left flank and was forced to watch as his opponent casually raced towards goal to score.

The situation was made all the more embarrassing by how Neuer was forced to chase the Paderborn forward in vein. Check out the video of the incident below:

Oh dear. It's painful to watch.

Neuer has only dropped a few sweeper-keeper clangers of the kind, but how easily he was beaten to possession certainly makes this one of the most egregious. 

Bayern will just have to hope they don't suffer from the fact, as the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Besides, the opposition have definitely learnt the old trick.

Bayern Muenchen v Tottenham Hotspur: Group B - UEFA Champions League
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