Frontline fans


The news we have all been waiting for came last week with the return of the best league in the world, the Premier League, on June 17.

With fans unable to attend games in person, they are set for a feast of football with all 92 remaining games due to be shown live across the four broadcast partners, Sky, BT, Amazon, and the BBC.

In anticipation for the return of the Premier League, we are asking you, the reader, to send in your best videos celebrating and getting behind your team.

We are looking for key workers and all football supporters to submit a video demonstrating your support for your beloved club, whether that be swinging round a scarf with their colours, or belting out one of their most famous chants.

We are asking keyworker/football supporters for video clips of them in their work environments during the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrating their support for our football teams.

The aim of this campaign is to celebrate both the return of the Premier League from the comfort of our homes and the amazing frontline workers who through their continued work have made the return possible.

We would love football fans (ideally in their work uniforms) to create and send us short videos doing some of the following:

  • Popping on your team's scarf
  • Messaging your friends or family on your phone before the game
  • Re-creating your favourite footballer celebratory goal dance
  • Any pre-game rituals you do, either on your own or with your work-mates
  • Settling in to watch the game. (eg. sitting down with a cuppa in your team mug, sitting down with your favourite game snack, etc)
  • Reacting as if you are celebrating a goal!
  • Reacting with despair (head in your hands, shouting at the screen, etc)
  • Watching the screen intently - biting your nails if that's what you do 
  • Chanting your team's name

Anything else you do when watching a game or getting ready to watch one!

They can either film this alone on their phone/laptop/tablet, as if they are on a Zoom video call with friends or family, or alongside work colleagues in a group. Landscape videos only.

The advert will be in a montage 'Zoom format.'

Please send your video clips to

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