UFC news: Fighters vote Georges St-Pierre as UFC's greatest ever pound-for-pound fighter


Georges St-Pierre has been voted as the greatest MMA pound-for-pound fighter of all time by his fellow athletes.

St-Pierre received a stunning 35.7% of the vote to dominate the survey, which was carried out by The Athletic.

Current pound-for-pound king Jon ‘Bones’ Jones placed second after receiving 22.2% of the vote, while former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva finished third.

Current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who holds a record of 28-0 (8 KOs), places sixth on the list with 2.3% of the vote. Khabib could move up in future rankings, however, if he continues to defend his title and dominate the lightweight division.

The Athletic surveyed 170 fighters to discover who is the sport’s pound-for-pound GOAT, with many opting for either St-Pierre or Jones.

One fighter said: “For me (it’s) St-Pierre or Jon Jones, one of the two.

“(St-Pierre) beat a lot of tough, renowned guys, and Jon Jones was the same. Does it have to be one? I’m going with St-Pierre. He’s tied with Jon Jones, who beat many 205-pounders with a history, but the tiebreaker that caused (Jones) to lose points with me is that he’s a bum.”

However, another fighter was quick to put Jones back on top by saying: “I know it’s very controversial, but you can’t argue with his reign. The guy has never been beaten. Even when it seems like he’s been beaten, he wins.”

St-Pierre, also known as GSP, won titles at both welterweight and middleweight during his hugely successful career. He also beat the likes of B.J. Penn and Michael Bisping before officially retiring in February 2019.


However, UFC President Dana White has previously said that he considers ‘Bones’ to be the best in history.

“There’s no debate, Jon Jones is the GOAT. Jon Jones is the greatest to ever do it,” White told ESPN.

“If you look at what the guy has accomplished, and what he was doing while he accomplished these things. It’s not like the guy was being good to himself and training hardcore.”

It’s clear that St-Pierre and Jones are considered by many to be the best in the sport’s history. Not only have they amassed incredible fighting records, they’ve also defeated other legends in the sport.

Could one of the sport’s current big names overtake those two in the future?

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