The Premier League table since Liverpool lost their unbeaten record vs Watford


Liverpool have now lost three times in the Premier League this season.

Frankly, that's pretty incredible going by the Reds, but it's hard not to imagine that Jurgen Klopp will be slightly frustrated that his team never pulled through to surpass Arsenal's 'Invincibles' record.

Because, truth be told, you look at their three defeats in the league and they all could have been avoided, especially when you consider this Liverpool team were once projected for 112 points.

Liverpool's recent form

However, by far the most unexpected and disappointing loss was the first one: suffering a 3-0 defeat at Vicarage Road against a Watford side that's spent most of the season in the relegation zone.

Losing at the Etihad Stadium and Emirates Stadium can be understood to a certain extent, but coming unstuck against Nigel Pearson's men? It was a huge surprise.

We're not sure the Liverpool players nor Klopp himself will ever be able to explain that result, though you can't help but feeling that the Merseyside club are still feeling its reverberations.


Liverpool since Watford

Besides, it's not as though Liverpool just reset their course to winning every single game afterwards and record upon record has been falling by the wayside in the months since.

It's something that got us wondering here at GIVEMESPORT: just how unideal has Liverpool's form been since that infamous collapse in Watford?

Well, to answer that question, we turned to Transfermarkt and created a model of the Premier League that only includes data since and including the game-week in which Liverpool first lost.


Premier League table post-Watford

Norwich City finding themselves rock bottom comes as no surprise, but there a few shocks with Leicester City - who are challenging for a Champions League place - all the way down in 14th.

However, we're here to assess Liverpool and the answer is certainly interesting with the Premier League champions finishing as low as seventh with four wins, two draws and three losses.

You can check out the full table down below to see how everyone compares:


GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

Seventh place. Wow. The big question here is: why?

My best guess comes down to the brand of football they play and just how incredibly fatiguing it is in the long-term both physically and mentally.

The Reds haven't been the freest-scoring champions in history by any means at all, but they've been glorious at grinding out results with high pressing, high energy and high discipline.

Not only is that difficult to maintain in general, but even more so when you're miles ahead of everybody else in the division and there's not that constant threat of being usurped. 


Liverpool were able to maintain this sort of mental energy better last season because they were constantly chasing City and knew that they could capitalise on just one slip-up from their rivals.

As for this season, though, City's form since the restart has been such that Liverpool could literally have lost all their games since coming back and still be crowned champions.

However... I think it should still serve as an incentive for Liverpool to build before next season.

They say you should keep improving while you're on top, which Liverpool got away with avoiding last summer, but I'm inclined to think dismissing the issue twice in a row would be too much. 


The way Liverpool have found success is truly brutal, which is to their credit, but some fresh legs might be needed to ensure they can maintain that high level in order to retain their title.

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