Alex Hirschi earns whopping £1.1 million a year for reviewing luxury vehicles


Alex Hirschi is perhaps not the kind of person you'd imagine to be the world's number one luxury car reviewer, but since taking to the job full-time, she's proven that anything's possible when you're doing what you love.

For nine years, Hirschi worked as a radio presenter for Dubai Eye 103.8 after moving to Dubai from Australia in 2008. During this time, she set up a social media brand on which she would look at expensive vehicles.

By 2018, her social media had gained a large enough following for her to quit her job at the station and become a full-time influencer, through her brand name 'Supercar Blondie.'

The 33-year-old gets exclusive early access to many of the world's most expensive vehicles and records herself exploring the car, taking it for a drive and looking under the hood. 

According to the MailOnline, Hirschi commands a very impressive AUD$45,175 (USD$31,600 / £25,150) per post, as she shares her content with 19 million Facebook followers, six million Instagram followers and four million subscribers on YouTube. 

It's estimated that her annual income therefore comes in at around AUD$2,016,430 (USD$1,211,954 / £1,123,259). A seriously super salary.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia three years ago, Hirschi explained her route to success: "I always wanted to at least visit Dubai... it had the world's biggest everything and clearly had a vision to stand out.


"After establishing a relationship with Bentley through the show, I was lucky enough to be given a Flying Spur [worth just under AUD$400,000] for a weekend.

"I felt like I was living my dream, so I started working on how I could be given more cars on a regular basis. Once the following started to grow, I moved from my personal account to create Supercar Blondie and uploaded pics exclusively around cars.

"Then it came to a point where I could do this full time. It was a big decision for me, jumping from traditional media to social media, but I knew it was the right move."


Posting new content almost daily, Hirschi's social media pages continue to grow at insane rates. Her Instagram account can be found here.

Most recently exploring the futuristic Mercedes-Benz AVTR, it'll be fascinating to see which seat Supercar Blondie ends up in next.

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