Mike Tyson reveals he used to 'always cry' before his fights


It's pretty difficult to imagine Mike Tyson crying for any reason, but he recently revealed that he used to do so before almost every one of his professional fights.

'Iron' Mike is one of the most successful boxers in history. Famed for his stone cold personality and vicious fighting techniques, Tyson's tough exterior doesn't exactly scream 'emotional.' 

However, 'The Baddest Man on the Planet' has revealed since retiring that he used to cry before almost every fight. Not because he was scared of losing, or the massive amounts of pressure, but because he knew he was about to turn into somebody he didn't like.

Speaking about the past on his HotBoxin Podcast, Tyson said: "I always cry before I fight, it's just who I am.

"I'm getting ready to change into somebody I don't like."

Talking about his fighting alter-ego, he went on to explain: "He brought more than just fighting with him.

"He brought like, jealousy, envious, guilt, he brought a lot of stuff."

Since officially 'retiring' from the ring in 2006, Tyson has been subject to a tonne of return rumours, and recent clips of him training in peak fitness have surfaced on social media, adding further fuel to the flame of speculation surrounding him.


The current major rumour is that Tyson recently rejected a £14 million offer to fight 44-year-old Wanderlei Silva in a Bare Knuckle Boxing match. Clearly, money isn't the issue for Mike.

It's also reported that a rematch against 57-year-old Evander Holyfield is on the cards, while 52-year-old Riddick Bowe has also challenged him to a fight.

Clearly not interested in fighting humans at the moment, Tyson has turned his attention to conquering the animal kingdom, and is currently booked to take on a great white shark at some point in the near future. This is a real thing, don't ask.

Whether his next opponent is a man or creature, Tyson is certain that it won't be the same 'Kid Dynamite' version of himself from previous years.

"No one ever put that together, that's who I was, everything that was bad was that guy.


"Everything I remember from my past, my mother, my family, was that guy.

"He had a tough time cutting off, he's my ego, he doesn't want to go."

Despite apparently managing to mostly get on top of his inner beast, Tyson went on to warn: "He's more under control by far. He always sneaks up every now and then."

That shark best be on its toes... not literally, though, of course.

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