Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp calmed bench's reaction to scoring after Lampard row


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard went through an emotional rollercoaster during his side's 5-3 defeat to Liverpool on Wednesday.

Thankfully for the Blues, Champions League qualification is still in their hands after the defeat at Anfield, but there were still plenty of reasons for Lampard to feel aggrieved about what he saw.

Chelsea extended their shock record as the league's defensive on the road by conceding goals to Naby Keita, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Georginio Wijnaldum, Roberto Firmino and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Lampard and Klopp's confrontation

However, aside from his team's defensive woes, Lampard was also getting worked up with his opposite manager and the lack of fans meant the clash was captured in startling detail.

The incident started when Liverpool were awarded a controversial free-kick, prompting Lampard to say to fourth official Lee Mason: "How is that a foul? There's no foul there."

Liverpool assistant Pep Lijnders took to his feet in protestation, prompting Lampard to shout that he should sit down and thus encouraging Klopp to enter the fray to defend his number two.

Alexander-Arnold scores immediately after

Lampard continued: "If he's going off at me I'll say something, It's not a foul, I'm not asking you! You can f*** off and all. You think you can give it the big one? F*** off. Tell them to have respect, sit down."

It's fair to say the situation was a little feisty then, but it just happened that the free-kick which started the confrontation had more significance than either manager could have imagined.

It was indeed the brilliant set-piece from which Alexander-Arnold made it 2-0 and the latest footage from Klopp and Lampard's clash has shown what happened on the touchline afterwards.


Liverpool bench's reaction

The Liverpool bench can be seen leaping to their feet, spilling into the technical area and turning in the direction of Lampard. Klopp even proceeds to gesticulate for them to calm down.

Lampard, whether sarcastically or not, can then be seen giving a thumbs up before contemplating the task facing his team. You can check out the amusing footage down below:

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

Is it just me that loves to see this sort of passion?

You can really sense that the Liverpool staff wanted to make sure that Lampard saw their celebrations and acknowledged that the free-kick he was moaning about may have cost him.

Credit to Klopp, though, for telling them to calm down because it would have been easy to stoke the flames considering Lampard had sent the F-bomb his way a few times in quick succession. 


Otherwise, we might have had a situation akin to Jose Mourinho vs Chelsea on our hands when the 'Special One' went bombing down the touchline after staff celebrated in his face.

But as much as it would have been amusing to see Lampard charging at Klopp like a bull, it's fair to say that the Liverpool manager keeping things calm was the right thing to do in the end.

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