Roy Keane and Micah Richards is the bromance nobody saw coming


Micah Richards has been a breath of fresh air on Sky Sports and BBC Sport in recent weeks.

The former England right-back, best known for his spells with Manchester City and Aston Villa, has brought some much-needed enthusiasm and humour to live broadcasts.

Sky and BBC’s football coverage could sometimes feel *very* serious, especially when a couple of old school footballers are on the same panel. For example, whenever Roy Keane and Graeme Souness work together.

But Richards, as well as providing some top-class analysis, also brings infectious laughter to the televisions, mobiles and tablets of viewers.

He’s gone down extremely well with football fans on social media and everyone is loving how his unlikely bromance with Keane is blossoming.

Ahead of Sky’s coverage of the final day of the Premier League season on Sunday, Richards couldn’t help but wind Keane up as the Manchester United legend waited backstage.

“Roy! This is a new game mate, this is social media, this is what the people want to see!" he joked. "They want to see behind the scenes what goes on.

“You’ve got a nice little suit there, Roy! You got your make-up on already?!”

Watch the video here…

Keane would have lambasted anyone else mucking about like this - especially at his expense - but Richards can get away with it because of his lovable personality.

There was another funny moment between the duo at half-time of the Premier League clash between Leicester City and Man Utd.

When Keane said he was feeling nervous, Richards laughed and said: “What happened!? I thought you were cool, calm and collected!”

Watch it here…

Later on, Richards burst out laughing as Keane shook his head in disgust at Aston Villa players celebrating the fact they’d just avoided relegation inside the dressing room.

Watch that brilliant clip here…

You can just tell that Keane has a soft spot for Richards and who can blame him?

Here’s some of the best reaction to football’s most unlikely bromance…

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