UFC news: Viral clip from Joe Rogan's podcast has summed him up perfectly


A 20-second clip of Joe Rogan has gone viral on social media, with some claiming that the snippet of footage sums the popular UFC commentator up perfectly.

During an episode of his podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', Rogan contemplates the idea of valuing life, admitting that he struggles to understand how you can determine how much a life should be worth.

With barely a moment's pause, the 52-year-old then turns to his guest, asking: "Did you see that guy accidentally hit that moose with his car?"

The way that Rogan switched from one topic to another, with the subjects having no relevancy to each other offers a perfect example of his unorthodox style. 

Rogan has been a commentator for UFC since 1997, becoming one of the main figures in the rise of the franchise.

He has become renowned for his trademark exclamations whenever a fighter gets knocked out, often appearing in shock when a bout reaches a dramatic and sudden conclusion.

His fame has reached new levels in recent years, with his podcast which started back in 2009 helping him to reach audiences across the globe.

Rogan signed a lucrative deal with Spotify earlier this year, meaning that his podcast will become available on the platform from September.

However, the podcast has not been without its fair share of controversy. Rogan was heavily criticised earlier this year after footage resurfaced from 2011 of him laughing at his guest Joey Diaz bragging about coercing women into oral sex in order to improve their chances of making it in the comedy industry.

Clearly a personality that polarises opinion, Rogan's latest bizarre exchange on his podcast offers further evidence of his unique character. Some will say that it shows his sense of humour, others will argue that it is just another example of him talking nonsense.

Either way, as usual, the clip has certainly got Rogan plenty of views.

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