Xbox Series X news: Eye-catching new colour leaked for Microsoft's latest console

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is scheduled for release later this year and the gaming community simply cannot wait.

Project Scarlett has now even received the seal of approval from tycoon Gabe Newell.

The billionaire recently determined that Microsoft's Next-Gen console would be better than Sony's PS5.

That was music to the ears of Xbox fans who are keen to get the better of PlayStation when the two consoles officially go on sale.

Unfortunately, it's expected that the PS5 will do better in terms of sales, that's despite the words from Newell.

The Xbox X is rather similar to the new PlayStation. It has the ability to run games at a staggering 120 frames per second while also housing stunning 8k resolution. 

Both games consoles will be the fastest and most powerful we've ever seen.

Xbox X and PS5

For fans of Microsoft and the Xbox, they've now received some even more eye-catching news.

That came in the form of a leak on Reddit from the user Thurrott, where a brand new colour for the Xbox Series X was revealed. 

We've predominantly seen images of a black Xbox in all the promotion but now it looks as though it could be available in white too, mirroring the colour schemes seen on the current Xbox One.

A picture of a white controller surfaced on social media, sparking rumours of a fully white console to rival Sony's PS5. Interesting times.

Xbox Series X white controller

GIVEMESPORT'S Matt Dawson says...

It's always exciting to receive a new leak before something is officially released and this is no different.

Already we've seen a futuristic-looking red and black PS5 console emerge but Xbox have countered that by adding the white look to their line-up in a move that they simply had to do.

The white Xbox One has been much-loved and with the rectangular shape Microsoft have opted for this year, it should look utterly gorgeous.

Gold plated PS5

In some senses, it looks like SONOS sound system, but this is far more impressive and considerably more powerful than that.

This white version of Microsoft's Next-Gen console may not look quite as flashy as the gold plated PS5 that could be released, but it's a nice effort nonetheless.

Both consoles are due to be released later this year in a monumental year for gaming. 

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