PS5 vs Xbox Series X: 84% of UK gamers will buy Sony's console over Microsoft


A survey conducted by pop culture agency Experience12, as per The Metro, has revealed that 84% of UK gamers will be buying the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Series X.

The results suggest that Microsoft face an uphill battle with the Xbox Series X against the next-gen Sony console which is being released at a similar time.

The study showed 84% of the participants were more excited about the release of the PlayStation 5, while the new Xbox Series X only had 16% of participants more excited.

Towards the end of June, 3,000 participants described as ‘pop culture fans’ took part in the survey that took place on the MCM Comic Con online channels. As gamers weren’t able to attend the event in person, it resulted in the online alternative being set up for gamers and alike to join.

The sample provided was made up of a majority 80% aged between 18 & 34. In addition, 48% of this category were in the 25-34 bracket. 58% of the group were males.

Also in the study, gamers were asked when they were planning on buying the next-gen consoles following their releases later this year.

Thirty seven percent of the study said they were going to purchase their choice of console when launched. Meanwhile, 9% of respondents would buy the product within a month, and a further 12% within three months of the launch.


This suggests that over half of gamers would buy a next-gen console within three months of both launches. On top of that, over a quarter – 26% - of the survey suggested that they would purchase within six months of the launches.

The survey also asked participants which upcoming game they were most anticipating. The results showed that a majority 43% of the votes went to the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. Marvel’s Avengers took second place in the poll, gaining 15% of the votes.

When asked about the current generation of consoles, 59% of gamers said their preferred platform was the PS4, with only 16% voting for the Xbox One. This looks set to continue at the very least, with more gamers showing their preferred excitement for Sony’s next-gen console.

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