What are the greatest selling video games of all time?


Over the years, gamers have had the opportunity to purchase a wide range of games to play on a wide range of consoles.

There are some extremely popular franchises around the world, with a serious range of genres from first person shooters to sport.

As the esports world increases in size and stature, the variety of games has followed suit, allowing us all to access a range of editions for an increasing number of consoles.

The industry is continuously developing and advancing with new technologies to give gamers the best experience.

One question in the industry is what games sell the most? Well, the list below shows the 50 highest selling games worldwide, as per Wikipedia, so let’s take a look.


50. Super Mario Land (18,370,500)

49. Mario Kart 7 (18,710,000)

48. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. (18,840,000)

47. Call of Duty: Ghosts (19,000,000)


46. Super Mario Bros. 3 (19,000,000)

45. Brain Age (19,010,000)

44. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (19,080,000)

43. The Last of Us (20,000,000)

42. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (20,000,000)

41. Lemmings (20,000,000)

40. Frogger (20,000,000)

39. Super Mario World (20,972,500)

38. Borderlands 2 (22,000,000)

37. Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (22,540,000)

36. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (22,700,000)

35. Mario Kart DS (23,600,000)

34. Nintendogs (23,960,000)

33. Sonic the Hedgehog (23,982,960)

32. FIFA 18 (24,000,000)


31. Kinect Adventures! (24,000,000)

50-31 Summary

Call of Duty has a few instalments from their franchise in this list, starting with Ghosts at number 47.

The world of Mario also has a heavy influence on this list, featuring multiple times (including a spot in the top 10).

What may surprise gamers is that there is only one FIFA game listed in the top 50 – FIFA 18 placed at number 32. This could change in the future as there is a new instalment in the series every year, so EA will be looking to sell more consistently to fans of football.

The Last of Us is a success for Sony, being exclusive to their PS4 console. The sequel released in June of this year has the potential to make its way to the 50 highest selling games in the future.


30. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (24,200,000)

29. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (24,730,000)

28. Pokémon Sun/Moon/Ultra (24,950,000)

27. Grand Theft Auto IV (25,000,000)

26. Call of Duty: Black Ops (26,200,000)

25. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (26,500,000)

24. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (27,500,000)


23. The Witcher 3 (28,000,000)

22. Wii Play (28,020,000)

21. Duck Hunt (28,300,000)

20. Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal (29,490,000)

19. Diablo III & Reaper of Souls (30,000,000)

18. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (30,000,000)

17. New Super Mario Bros. Wii. (30,000,000)

16. Terraria (30,300,000)

15. New Super Mario Bros. (30,800,000)

14. Red Dead Redemption 2 (31,000,000)

13. Wii Sports Resort (33,130,000)

12. Mario Kart 8/Deluxe (33,320,000)

11. Mario Kart Wii (37,320,000)


30-11 Summary

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest released game in this list (October 2018). It can be suggested that this has been an extremely successful game, and may continue to rise and possibly push into a top 10 spot in the near future.

Modern Warfare 3 is the highest selling game in the Call of Duty franchise so far, which was released back in 2011 and makes 25th in the list.

Terraria may surprise gamers with a higher position in the list in comparison to more well-known and popular gaming titles. The 2D sandbox game has a similar concept to the game Minecraft.

Pokémon has also featured a total of five times in the list, showing how popular and successful the franchise is to gamers.


10. Pac-Man (39,098,000)

9. Tetris (Nintendo) (43,000,000)

8. Wii Fit (43,800,000)

7. Pokémon Red/Green/Yellow/Blue (47,520,000)

6. Super Mario Bros. (48,240,000)

5. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (70,000,000)

4.Wii Sports (82,900,000)

3. Tetris (EA) (100,000,000)

2. Grand Theft Auto V (130,000,000)


1. Minecraft (200,000,000)

10-1 Summary

Minecraft takes the top spot, making it the highest-selling game worldwide. With a current sales figure of 200 million, it is way above any game challenging the value just yet.

The latest Grand Theft Auto instalment being the second-highest selling game shows potential for Rockstar in any future releases for the gaming franchise.

Meanwhile, there is what could be seen as a surprising spot for Tetris at third, which is only available on mobile. Hitting the 100 million sales figure for a classic game shows the success of EA bringing it to mobile phones.

Wii Sports at the time of release was new and exciting and that led to its success, while Mario and Pac-Man making the top 10 is unsurprising to many gamers as both are well-known classics.

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