WWE news: What are the most unforgettable moments from the Attitude Era?


If you ask a WWE fan for their favourite period of wrestling, there's a high chance they'll choose the Attitude Era.

Full of controversy, insane storylines, great promos, awesome characters and quality wrestling matches, the Attitude Era is chock-full of iconic moments.

If you were asked to single out 25 moments from the entire 1997-2002 period, you might struggle since there are so many.

Luckily for us, Bleacher Report have ranked 25 of the most unforgettable moments from the Attitude Era, which we'll be running through here.

25. 'I'm not Daddy's Little Girl Anymore' (December 13, 1999 RAW)

One of the most important story-points in WWE history is the McMahon-Helmsley rivalry, and what better way to ignite such a drama than through a love affair.

In this promo, Stephanie McMahon betrays her father and sides with her new husband Triple H, sparking years of storylines which would go on to include the infamous love triangle with Kurt Angle.

24. Y2J's Close Call with Championship Gold (April 17, 2000 RAW)

This episode of RAW can be remembered as the one which cemented Chris Jericho's place as a future WWE star.


In this segment, Jericho goads Triple H into a title defence, which he manages to win through a fast-count from referee Earl Hebner. Jericho is handed the title, before Triple H and Mike Chioda decide to overturn the result, and the belt gets handed back to a fuming Helmsley.

23. 'Milk-O-Mania is Running Wild!' (August 20, 2001 RAW)

Undeniably one of the most iconic moments in WWE history, this episode of RAW took place just 24 hours after Kurt Angle had been screwed out of a WWE Championship win by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and a corrupt official.  

Full of emotion, Angle rides down to the ring in a milk truck, before spraying Austin, Stephanie McMahon, and the rest of the heel faction, with milk.

22. The Alliance from Hell (July 9, 2001 RAW)

After a lacklustre WCW invasion of WWE, creative decided to revive a third promotion; ECW.

On this episode of RAW, a group of former ECW stars betrayed their WWE co-workers to introduce a new dimension to the battle for brand supremacy. It was then revealed that an alliance had been formed between Shane and Stephanie McMahon, a massive threat to WWE.


21. A Lethal Dose of Poison (February 17, 2002 No Way Out PPV)

Enraged by the actions of WWE co-owner Ric Flair, Vince McMahon promised to destroy his own company from the inside by introducing the same three men who nearly destroyed WCW; Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. 

These three men debuted on the No Way Out pay-per-view, and went on to become legends in their own right.

20. Undisputed (December 9, 2001 Vengeance PPV)

With a need to unite the WWE and WCW Championship, the 2001 Vengeance pay-per-view included three matches between The Rock, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle to crown the new undisputed champion.

Jericho won through interference from Booker T, becoming WWE's first ever undisputed champion.

19. A Deal with the Devil (April 1, 2001 WrestleMania 17)

In this unforgettable moment, WWE owner Vince McMahon sunk to the depths of hell to make a deal with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, helping him to defeat The Rock for the title.


This was officially the beginning of the Austin-McMahon heel alliance.

18. "Stone Cold" Pours Cement into Mr. McMahon's Corvette (October 12, 1998 RAW)

Just one week after attacking a frail Mr. McMahon in hospital, Steve Austin drove to RAW in a cement truck, pulling up beside McMahon's Corvette and filling it up with liquid concrete.

Steve Austin wins again.

17. The Corporate Champion (November 15, 1998 Survivor Series PPV)

On this pay-per-view, Mr. McMahon had convinced Mankind that he was the hand-picked champion, proving it by screwing Steve Austin out of the semi-finals of the tournament and putting up obstacles for The Rock to overcome.

In the finale, Mankind was locked in a Sharpshooter, courtesy of The Rock, and McMahon came out to ring the bell, declaring The Brahma Bull as the new corporate champion.

16. The Radicals Debut (January 30, 2000 RAW)

This episode of RAW saw the debuts of Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero.


Each of these men would go on to have successful careers within the WWE, particularly Guerrero and Benoit, who achieved the ultimate prize within the company. 

15. Chyna Etches Her Name in the History Books (October 17, 1999 No Mercy PPV)

On this day, Chyna became the first woman to win a man's championship when she pinned Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental belt. 

She rightfully received her place in the WWE Hall of Fame last year as part of D-Generation X.

14. Triple H Returns to MSG (January 7, 2002 RAW)

Triple H spent eight months in rehab after suffering a torn quadriceps muscle injury which could've ended his career.

Upon his return to the world famous Madison Square Garden arena, Triple H received one of the loudest and longest pops in the history of sports entertainment.

13. WWE Buys WCW (March 26, 2001 RAW)

In an episode of RAW broadcast on both the usual channel and WCW's TNT, Vince McMahon announced that he had purchased WCW from Ted Turner, effectively marking the end of the Monday Night Wars.

Shane McMahon then appears at WCW Nitro to reveal that he had bought the company out from underneath his father, sparking another feud between the father and son duo.

12. Paging Doctor Austin (October 5, 1998 RAW)

Mr. McMahon appeared live on this episode of RAW from a hospital bed after sustaining injuries at the hands of The Undertaker and Kane. 

During this segment, Steve Austin arrived, dressed in hospital scrubs, and proceeded to attack the defenceless Vince with a bedpan to the head and a thermometer up the bum. 

11. 'It was me Austin! It was me all along, Austin!' (June 7, 1999 RAW)

No doubt one of the most famous quotes from all of WWE's history.


On this episode of RAW, it was announced that the Greater Power behind Undertaker's motivations would be revealed, as the entire wrestling world wondered who could be behind his actions.

The 'Higher Power' made his way to the ring, before removing his hood to reveal that it was Vince McMahon, once again screwing with Steve Austin.

10. Break the Walls Down! (August 9, 1999 RAW)

For weeks before this episode, the millennium clock counted down, getting closer and closer to zero as fans pondered what the great reveal would be at the end.

During this episode of RAW, the clock finally struck midnight, and former WCW wrestler Chris Jericho appeared at the top of the entrance ramp during a promo from The Rock.

One of the greatest debuts in history.

9. Here Comes the Bride (November 19, 1999 RAW)

This episode of RAW saw the long-awaited wedding of Test and Stephanie McMahon, before it was rudely interrupted by Triple H, who went on to air a video in which he 'married' an unconscious Stephanie the week before.


Triple H went on to call Mr. McMahon 'dad' and began one of the greatest heel runs in the history of WWE.

8. Triple H reforms D-Generation X (March 30, 1998 RAW)

After the forced dissolution of D-Generation X due to Shawn Michael's loss and injury at the hands of Steve Austin at WrestleMania 24, crowds had been pining for the return of one of the best-loved teams in history.

Just 24 hours after the show, Triple H assumed leadership of the faction and introduced the returning X-Pac as its newest member. They were later joined by Billy Gunn, Jesse James and eventually Chyna.

7. 'The Austin Era has Begun!' (March 29, 1998 WrestleMania 14)

In the run-up to Steve Austin capturing his first world championship in WWE, he had to recover from a potentially career-ending neck injury before getting back into the ring.

Upon capturing the title at WrestleMania 24, Austin was skyrocketed to the top of the company, becoming the face of the WWE and the legend he still is to this day.

6. 'Ugh, That'll Put a Lot of Butts in the Seats' (January 4, 1999 RAW)

During this pre-taped episode of RAW, WCW boss Eric Bischoff encouraged his commentator to to spoil the conclusion to RAW's main event, in which Mankind would defeat The Rock to become WWE Champion. The commentator did so, adding "ugh, that'll put a lot of butts in the seats." He was right.

Instead of drawing viewers away from the ending of RAW, this spoiler actually caused 600,000 viewers to switch from WCW to WWE to watch the historic title change. 

5. Austin vs. McMahon (April 13, 1998 RAW)

After losing the Monday Night War between WWE RAW and WCW Nitro for 83 weeks on the trot, Mr. McMahon took matters into his own hands, entering the ring as a competitor for the first time.

His first opponent was, of course, Steve Austin. McMahon ordered Austin's hands be tied behind his neck and simply asked for Dude Love to assault him, but it was just the beginning of a fantastic feud. 

4. Hell in a Cell (June 28, 1998 King of the Ring PPV)

This is certainly one of the most famous moments in WWE history. The infamous match between The Undertaker and Mankind in, and on-top of, the Hell in a Cell structure.


The most unforgettable moment of this match is no-doubt the part where The Undertaker throws Mankind off the roof of the cell, sending him 20 feet to the floor through the announce table. The fall dislocated his shoulder but he was able to finish the match, along with further injuries which he suffered later on.

3. D-Generation X Invades WCW Monday Nitro (April 27, 1998 RAW)

The much-loved newly formed faction D-Generation X took it upon themselves, in this episode of RAW, to invade WCW's taping of Monday Nitro.

Arriving at the recording in a Jeep, with a cannon and military gear, it was a humiliation for WCW, but equally added even more fuel to the fire of the Monday Night Wars.

2. 'Tyson and Austin! Tyson and Austin!' (January 19, 1998 RAW)

In this episode of RAW, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson came face-to-face with Steve Austin for the first time.

A massive brawl between the two stars ensued, and footage of the battle appeared on near enough every major news network. The publicity gained from this fight created a huge amount of excitement for the upcoming WrestleMania event.

1. The Beer Truck (March 22, 1999 RAW)

Honestly, it would be difficult to name any other moment more unforgettable than this one. 

Just a week before WrestleMania 25, Stone Cold interrupted a promo including The Rock, Vince and Shane McMahon by driving a beer truck down the ramp.

Standing on the top of the cab, Austin pulled out a hose and began spraying the three men in the ring with litres upon litres of beer.

This was very possibly the most bad-ass moment in the history of WWE, and is certainly a moment that stuck in the memories of fans for decades, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

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