British GP: Lewis Hamilton drove 143mph on just three tyres during final lap thriller


Mercedes have now shared the data showing the incredible speed that six-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton managed at the British Grand Prix, all whilst only having three tyres due to a puncture suffered on the final lap.

The Constructors’ Champions revealed that despite suffering a final lap puncture, Hamilton was still able to register speeds of 230 km/h (143mph) down Silverstone’s notoriously long Hangar Straight.

Explaining in a post-race interview with Sky Sports F1 what it was like, Hamilton said: “As I tried to accelerate, the tyre starts to deflate more and I think I’m going to loose the wing and the wing will go under the car. You have all the different scenarios that face you – and the thing doesn’t want to turn right obviously because of the busted tyre.”

Subsequently, because of Hamilton’s left front tyre not being operational, it led to a thrilling climax at the Silverstone circuit in what had otherwise been a weekend where Mercedes had dominated.

Hamilton’s title rival Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was able to close at a rapid rate on the last lap, which had Hamilton worried, as he admitted following the race.

“I could hear him catching me. He’s 30 seconds, he’s 20,19,15,10, seven and I’m thinking jeez, this is one of the most horrible feelings’ hearing someone catch you like that and get overtaken just before the line or something.

“But, thankfully with everyone’s support we managed to bring it home.”


F1’s managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn, meanwhile, described Hamilton’s victory as nothing short of remarkable.

He reached 230km/h on the straight with only three wheels, and a left tyre flailing around – absolutely mind-blowing.

“He judged it to perfection to win the race by a few seconds and a brilliant example of the amazing talents and bravery of Lewis.”

This outstanding victory managed by Hamilton ensured that he extended his overall advantage in the standings to 30 points over his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The drivers will return to the Silverstone track again this weekend for the Anniversary Grand Prix where Hamilton will be looking to extend his advantage further as he continues his bid for a record equalling seventh Drivers’ Championship.

After winning the Grand Prix with just three tyres on Sunday, no doubt he'll feel confident winning again this weekend with a full set.

Just more proof of how sensationally talented the Brit truly is.

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