Video of Roy Keane's best moments from the 2019/20 Premier League season


Roy Keane is in danger of being more renowned for his incredible punditry, rather than his incredible playing career.

The midfielder spent 12 seasons at Manchester United, becoming club captain and winning seven league titles.

But since he’s turned his hand to punditry on Sky Sports, Keane has entertained us all on a weekly basis.

The Irishman is no-nonsense and isn’t afraid of saying what he really thinks.

In truth, we’re already missing him.

But fear not.

That’s because, Sky Sports have produced a 10-minute video of Keane’s best moments from the 2019/20 season - and it’s so so good.

So many incredible moments.

But we’ve decided to dig out four of our favourites.

In October, when asked whether Spurs full-backs Serge Aurier and Danny Rose can be compared to Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, Keane responded with: "The two Tottenham full-backs were dreadful. Dumb and Dumber I call them. I thought they were really poor, you cannot compare them to the two Liverpool lads who were absolutely fantastic. I thought they were a joke, really abysmal."

Later in the month, Liverpool faced Manchester United at Old Trafford and Keane wasn’t impressed after seeing the players greet each other before kick-off.

"You're going to war. Hugging, kissing - don't even look at them," Keane said in disgust.

Jones then asked: "Hasn't the game changed?"

Keane replied: "The game hasn't changed that much, the players have changed, the players have changed.

"You're going to war and you're hugging each other. Chat to them after the game - or maybe not even chat to them."

Following that game, Keane had a go at his fellow pundits for ’staring’ at him after he suggested United go and sign Harry Kane.

“Go and get Kane. Just go and get Kane from Spurs. Easy,” he said casually. “Just go and get him."

"What are you all staring at? They’re in disarray. Go and get him.”

Then, there was his rant at David de Gea and Harry Maguire after they allowed Spurs to take the lead in their clash back in June.

“I’m staggered at Maguire, staggered that an international player can just get done like this, and I am sick to death of this goalkeeper. I would be fighting him at half time. I would be swinging punches at this guy. This is a standard save for an established international goalkeeper. I am flabbergasted. Maguire and De Gea, I wouldn’t even let them on the bus after the match. Get a taxi back to Manchester.”

Never change, Keano.

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