Cristiano Ronaldo robbed in Serie A awards as Juventus teammate wins MVP crown


Cristiano Ronaldo has delivered one of the greatest seasons of his career for Juventus in 2019/20.

By all accounts, Maurizio Sarri's team haven't been the most dominant Serie A champions and limped over the line by a single point after winning just two of their final eight games.

So, that makes it all the more impressive that Ronaldo came within a whisker of winning his fifth European Golden Shoe and all while being closer to his 40th birthday than his 30th.

Ronaldo's incredible 2019/20

You'd be forgiven for thinking that father time was finally catching up with Ronaldo last season, scoring 28 goals in a debut season for Juve that fell short of his own astronomical standards.

But if you dare to doubt Ronaldo, then you better expect a response and his record of 31 strikes in just 33 league games has seen him raise two fingers to the concept of second-season-syndrome.

That's not to mention the fact Ronaldo won a league-high number of Man of the Match awards, scored 12 match-winning goals and had the highest average rating of any player in Italy.


Misses out on MVP award

In fact, only the trio of Lionel Messi, Kevin De Bruyne and Robert Lewandowski produced higher ratings in the entirety of Europe, which is hardly a criticism at all.

Oh, and he even equalled the record for the most goals in a Serie A season for a Juventus player.

So, surely, it would seem an absolute no-brainer that Ronaldo would be named one of the league's MVPs in the 2019/20 season, especially after he won that very accolade last time out.


The six Serie A winners

Well, you'd actually be wrong because despite the fact Serie A have named six MVPs, though some are admittedly inapplicable to Ronaldo, the Juve star hasn't been named the winner of any.

Juventus teammate Paulo Dybala has actually been named the best player in the division, while Golden Boot winner Ciro Immobile took home the striking award.

You can check out the full list of winners, including for goalkeepers and midfielders, down below:

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says


I think what makes this situation laughable to me is the fact Ronaldo was wrongly handed the MVP award last season and now, inexplicably, he's missed out on the title when he actually warranted it.

Don't get me wrong, strikers shouldn't always win individual awards, but Serie A has largely been a story of two goal-scoring juggernauts competing for the European Golden Shoe: Immobile and Ronaldo.

So, if you're going to give Immobile the striker's award, which I have no problem at all with, then surely Ronaldo deserves the overall award? Particularly over his very own Juventus teammate. 


Look, in the grand scheme of things, Ronaldo has about 10,000,000 other individual awards to ease the pain with, but what he's achieved this season at age 35 was unequivocally MVP-worthy.

I'll my rest my case like this: go outside the Allianz Stadium and ask Juventus fans who they think their 'most valuable player' is. If more people say 'Dybala' than 'Ronaldo' then the game is gone.

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