Hyperion has unveiled its new hydrogen-powered hypercar and it has some serious power


US-based technology company Hyperion has revealed its new hydrogen fuel cell-powered hypercar - and it certainly looks impressive!

Environmentally friendly, whilst being capable of going from 0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds (with a top speed of 221 mph and a 1,000-mile range), the Hyperion XP-1 is in many ways the blueprint for the car of the future.

Indeed, so groundbreaking is the project that Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris refuses to even acknowledge his company as a car manufacturer, preferring instead to focus on the environmental benefits of their latest unveiling.

"There are enough car companies...‘We’re an energy company that’s building this car to tell a story," Kafantaris told Car and Driver magazine.

The XP-1 will be powered by two tanks of hydrogen that drive a pair of high-performance electric motors. As the hydrogen tanks weigh considerably less than traditional lithium-ion battery packs used in electric cars, the XP-1 will see increased range and power when compared to those that have come before it.

The use of hydrogen as a fuel is especially good for the environment, as the XP-1's only emissions will be water.

A challenge, though, exists at present in that hydrogen refueling stations are extremely rare - with there reportedly being only 39 publicly available outlets in the USA.

Kafantaris, however, is unconcerned by this, stating that hydrogen can readily be produced, so long as the correct infrastructure is in place.

"You can make hydrogen from excess grid solar power. Creating hydrogen is greener than making batteries," he pointed out when confirming that his company plans to build a network of hydrogen refueling stations - similar to the Supercharger network run by Tesla.

It is also worth noting that the XP-1 will require refueling less often than a Tesla due to its superior range.

Check out some of the images of the new car below.

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Kafantaris also praised the safety and durability of the XP-1's hydrogen tanks, suggesting that they could be "thrown off a building" or "shot with a high-powered rifle" without any major damage.

The Hyperion XP-1 sounds like a stunning piece of engineering, with the final product appearing to justify every bit of the 10 years that have been invested in its development.

However, as often is the case, the XP-1 will not come cheap - and with its production run being limited to just 300 units, it will likely not be easy to come by when it is released in 2022!

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